Time to Train

Hey NeverEver’s,


So I had the first draft of this post almost finished on my way home on Monday night. It was beautiful and perfect. All I had to do was add the calendar and it was on. But somehow between my phones wordpress app and the computer I lost it. Which was fine, although a little frustrating Monday night when I tried to re-type it (it just wouldn’t flow right). So I said I would retry on Tuesday. But I got a 24 hour flu on Tuesday and basically spent the whole day shivering in bed trying not to die. No blog post on Tuesday. But what happened on Wednesday? I had a recital to go to from a friends.

Somehow it is Thursday and I feel like the whole damn week has just flown by. With me doing very close to nothing. I did have a great night on Monday for my run though.



That says that I did a mile under 20 mins, under 19 mins, under 18 and 17 mins. I actually did 4 miles with an average of a 16 min mile! So yes I was extremely happy with myself. A ton better then what I thought I would be. I just want to get down to a 14/15 min mile for the Star Wars Rebel Challenge. Only need to shave off 2 mins. Doable!



So what exactly does my calendar look like? I warn you…its a training calendar on steroids and really should not be attempted unless under extreme measures (like a 32 day limit to get ready for a Half Marathon that you spent over $400 for).


A really big shout out to FXP Fitness Hula Hoop (My 10% off still works and you can still get you and a loved one the gift of Hula Hoop Fitness!!), BeachBody Piyo and BadFish Roller Derby for filling my days with something OTHER then running!



Obviously I am doing something that I have NEVER done in the past. I personally don’t think me doing any of those previous 5k’s actually count for trying to run a Half Marathon.

To succeed in this, I have to do something that I have never really done before. Sacrifice my free time. Which I usually hold on to very jealously. But right now…I want to run. I want to get out of my own head, and I want to succeed at this Half I can almost taste it. The days are going by so fast that I am going to lose them if I don’t use them. So I am choosing to use my days. Because if I don’t use them…they are just going to waste and to regret. And right now I have a little too much regret running in my life, I don’t want this to be added on.

Okay NeverEver’s, this is a short post. The purpose of this was to get my training plan out there. Which again should have been out on Monday, but better late then never!


Apparently I am Half Crazy

Hey NeverEver’s,


It has been hard to pick myself up from the boot straps. Or at least find a moment when I wasn’t working, spending time w/ the hubby or sleeping. In fact it has been really hard to find the energy to do anything. And I still feel like I am being pulled in so many directions.

So what did I decide to do? Well I am glad you asked cause I think I am crazy.

I decided to sign up, goodness knows how I did this, for the Run Disney Star Wars Rebel Challenge.



Now that I paid for this (you guys really don’t want to know how much) and I am part of this runDisney family I am doing a very big freak out. Because I haven’t ‘run’ anything since the electric run. Now in 43 days (and COUNTING) I am going to be doing not only a 10k but a half marathon. Why? Why am I doing this?

Well there are several reasons why I am doing this. Here they are:



As I am doing the ‘Rebel Challenge’ the 10k, Half and that nice big one in the middle will be mine! Because I will not accept defeat and I will make sure I get all 3. Cause if I am going to die I want to die with pretty Star Wars Medals around my neck.



This lady right here. This is Libby from Bruises in the Frosting. We actually met back in June during the SweatPink BlogFest! She actually just ran the runDisney Avengers Half earlier last month. Crazy lady that she is she signed up for all 3 of Disney’s Half’s that are coming up, which includes the Star Wars one. Which is part of the reason why I decided to run this one as well. I wanted to run this one with her!



My derby wifey, Joni, ALSO ran her first half marathon at the runDisney Avengers Half. We decided after she finished running that we would run the Star Wars 2016 as we were both more ‘Star Wars’ fans then Avengers and we thought that the 2015 was all sold out. Turns out that there was still an opportunity for both of us to get into the Star Wars Rebel Challenge and we took it. So this is another reason why I am crazy and running a half.



The final reason is because its Star Wars. Because its runDisney’s first time doing a Star Wars run. Because they picked DisneyLand instead of DisneyWorld to hold it at. Because I have been a fan of Star Wars since I was a kid. This is a way I can honor my love of Star Wars and bring in my fitness! I had to take it



I am tired NeverEver’s of trying and not doing. So I am taking this is a really expensive kick in the ass to get my said ass in gear.

So at the end of all of this do I have a plan? Not really.

Just being completely honest here, I don’t have a plan. For the running I am following the Jeff Galloway official Rebel Challenge Training Program. I just don’t have all the time that Jeff recommends so I am doing an extended version of this. Really taking it by ear / foot to see how I am feeling. KT Tape is going to be my friend with my PF and figuring out my run times between my job and part time job.

However, with all of that pretty much decided, I am between feeling excited as hell and freaking the hell out. I am sure this is going to last the rest of the year and all the way up to Jan 16th.

Did I mention that I am not only doing the runDisney Star Wars Rebel Challenge in January but I am ALSO doing a Spartan Challenge? And you can join me!!

Use this code ‘ SPARTANBLOGGER ‘ and find a race at the Reebok Spartan Race and join me! I am personally going to be doing the Vail Lake (yes I am going back to the mountain!!) on 1/25/15. If you would like to join with me, my group name is ‘ Derby Gets Muddy ‘. Come and get super muddy with me and lets conquer the Spartan!


Electric Run

Hey NeverEver’s!


Okay first thing is first…I am SUPER SORE!! Oh my gee I haven’t been this sore in a LONG while. And it is all because of my run this weekend. 3.1 miles beat me down really bad…but it feels so good!

So going from there…the Electric Run 5k was a BLAST! The music was blasting and the lights were just amazing. I have photos to prove it!


So to start off the night getting some shots of Southern Comfort, which sponsor of the Electric Run! I loved having these photoshoots at runs. It is always nice to get together with your running buddies before or after the run and just have fun!



Of course there is also the in line, pre-starting, selfie! These are now mandatory in all runs! I do have to admit, there is something about running at night that just makes things go faster, smoother and dare I even say, faster.



The light blow up bridge was just so much fun to run through. I have to hand it to the DJ of this area, he was adding Super Mario sound effects. It was a perfect touch to this location. Very fun!

I should mention that we were running on Dodger Stadium. I have actually run this location before, and somehow in that run we avoided ALL the hills. In this run…we ran up and down ALL the hills. So I, in the effort to be completely fair, walked all the hills. I was not up to running them. But I did make sure to run down hill. It felt a little like I was a speed demon because of that.



This actually was my 2nd favorite part of the run. These light up umbrellas were pretty cool. Want to see a vid of it? Check it out here! Don’t forget while you are there like my facebook page!! I will LOVE you forever!



Look…my life is complete now. I was able to run by, take a picture with and ALMOST eat a GIANT PURPLE GUMMY BEAR! It was a purple giant gummy bear. Nothing else needs to be said! Well accept that it would have been cool if this was edible. But other then that this awesomeness is pretty self explanatory.


This was my friends favorite part…honestly I would agree if it wasn’t for the GIANT PURPLE GUMMY BEAR. But I am just saying.


Although nothing could beat the views of LA. Usually the city is smoggy and well dirty. But Saturday…it was clean and bright. Beautiful.

We finished the run at an unofficial time of 45:00 mins.  The only reason why I got such an amazing time is because of my friend. She pushed me to run the straight aways and speed walk up the hills (of which there where many). It was so much fun getting back into a 5k.

So much fun that when I was offered an opportunity to do a run challenge in January I jumped at it. Well I jumped at it after Saturday.



Yes I am doing a Spartan. OMGEEEEE what have I signed myself up for? Seriously I am not sure but I am really looking forward to finding out.

Do you want to join me? Well you can. Use this code ‘ SPARTANBLOGGER ‘ and find a race at the Reebok Spartan Race and join me! I am personally going to be doing the Vail Lake (yes I am going back to the mountain!!) on 1/25/15. If you would like to join with me (yay) my group name is ‘ Derby Gets Muddy ‘. Come and get super muddy with me and lets conquer the Spartan!

I was not paid for this opportunity. I was given a free chance to run (Spartan) this race but that is it. All opinions and thoughts are still my own!