Friday Thoughts with a Giveaway

Hey NeverEver’s!

Its early but I wanted to get this post under way! In fact most of my day today will be spent over at Knotts Soak City!! Not sure what I am more looking forward to the rides or the lazy river. Honestly after the last 2 days of workouts I am a little sore…let me tell you how…


Ouchie, Ouchie, OUCHIE!!!


Someone give me some water so I can put them out!

Okay so now you all know how I feel let me tell you what I did to deserve such awesome / owie experience today. Although, to be honest it might just have to be the fact that this is the first time I have worked out since BlogFest.


I derby-ed my butt off last night! I didn’t even want to go but me doing my Motivational Thursday helped to make sure I got my butt to practice. And I am so darn happy I did.

This was actually my first practice back since I totally flunked my assessment test. Which brought me back down to Fresh Meat 2. As I can stop and do somethings a derby girl is supposed to do I wasn’t placed back to Fresh Meat 1. Which is fine with me. I am planning on acing that darn assessment test next time!

Want to know what Fresh Meat is? Try looking at it here with Derby Life.

I am actually quite happy with how I practiced yesterday. Since I am Fresh Meat it means that I really can’t have contact. So while everyone else was doing their contact drills I decided it was time to work on my 27 in 5. Which is basically going around the track 27 times in 5 minutes. The first time I tried I was able to get up to 15 at a decent speed on the outside of the track before I felt really out of breath. So I took a small break and went to get some water. Then it was back out on the track and this time I was able to do 17 times before needing a break. It was a good practice.



A friend of mine has challenged me to a 2 workout challenge starting on Labor Day. If you would like to join all you need to know is the hashtag #30dayfitness. I am pretty darn sure that the AB’s are going to be what kills me but I am looking forward to getting it done!

Okay so now it is the time for the Giveaway that you have all been waiting for!



With this giveaway you will be getting an awesome plastic Blogilates Water Infuser and a reusable bag! I love what this bottle says ‘Dream Believe Achieve’! So you want to win this? All you need to do is enter below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good Luck NeverEver’s!

Disclaimer – This giveaway item was from my own pocket. I am very happy to be able to give you this opportunity to win something from Blogilates! However, please note that this giveaway is not part of Blogilates and she is not affiliated with this one.


Motivational Thursday + Girl’s Night Out

Hey NeverEver’s!


Its Thursday and you all know what that means!! Its Motivational Thursday but before we get into that l want to go over my awesome event yesterday. I am sure you all saw some of the photos from either FB or Instagram but its totally worth reading about it here I promise!

I was invited to New Balance Girl’s Night Out over in Santa Monica.  It was an interesting get together and a great workout. They are doing these events all over the country. They have hit cities like Chicago, Boston, Los Angeles and their newest one is in New York on September 10th. So if your in that neck of the woods you should really get over there!


However, what New Balance is doing is more then just a one night workout or event. In reality what they are creating is an amazing opportunity for all runners, fast and slow, to get together in all the cities in America and create a Happier Hour.

I love watching this video. It really makes me want to be able to run faster and run in different places outside my neighborhood.


I didn’t even realize that New Balance was one of the few companies that their shoes are made in USA. They are so many different styles and looks for shoes. Most of their shoes are for runners and it shows. The shoes have cushion and support. I love them! My next pair is going to be from them!


Did I mention that they also really get the right shoe for you. I wasn’t able to try this last night but I am sure I will be coming back to get a reading. However, from what I understand about the process it is all about pressure points and the right stability. Something to really look into for those long runs right!

But let me get into the fun part. The actual workout!!


It was a turn out really. Plus I have to say it was fun working outside. Everyone was trying to figure out what we were doing. I actually expected to be embarrassed but in reality I was more focused on the workout and getting it all done.

The workout was done by Harley Pasternak and he was amazing! We split into 3 groups. 1 was all for cardio, 1 was arms and the last was legs. We were doing kicks and punches, weighted arm exercises and squat lunges. Happily there was no burpees. I am pretty sure I wasn’t the only one that was happy we didn’t have to do them. By the end of the 50 minute workout I was sweating and exhausted! But in a good way.


Harley was an amazing guy. In fact he even did a Q & A session after the workout. Giving us advise on nutrition, workouts and what would be the best for if you are performing on a ‘Marathon Level’ or if you are trying to lose weight. It was very informative.


Did I mention that I was very happy that we were feed afterwards? I should also mention I really needed the food. It should also be mentioned that the food that was given to us was delicious! This was done by AmazeBowls (don’t you love the name) and it was very good. The bowl itself was filled with Acai, Strawberries, Bananas and Blueberries. Honestly I wish this would come down to my area in town but sadly they remain on the other side of LA.


Of course nothing would finish the day like a giftbag. We got an awesome NB Girls Night Out headband, a wine tumbler (I have ALWAYS wanted one) and an assorted bunch of Luna Bars. Ohh and a whistle. Which I really like. I usually go out at night when I do my runs…well walks, so a whistle is pretty awesome. I am going to be attaching it to my headphones.

So are we ready for some Motivation? I know I am as in about an hour I have Derby Practice and I honestly don’t want to go. So these pictures are for me as much as for you.

Enjoy and Lets Workout Together!






So honestly, just putting these pictures here helped me to make sure to get up and go to practice. But I do have 1 surprise for you all tomorrow. I am finally doing my first giveaway from #blogfest tomorrow. And you all get an early picture of it. So make sure you all come back tomorrow to be entered in to win!!




Disclaimer – I did not get paid to go to New Balance but yes I did receive a free workout and a goodie bag (the green bag). All these opinions are my own. Also I was under NO obligation to post about Girls Night Out, I actually wanted to post about it. Thank You!




Day 3 of #BlogFest

Hey NeverEver’s!

My goodness it has taken me a long while finish my re-cap of #BlogFest but honestly I am LOVING how the posts are turning out so I do now even mind it taking longer then it should. Well not as much as I should anyways. I hope of course you have all enjoyed it though and if you didn’t go this year that you would go next year. Its going to be in Los Angeles.

Day 3 was really all about walking around, shopping and trying out new products. This is the result of spending way to much time in the expo center and then in Downtown Disney.

Without further adieu here is Day 3!


So the first thing I wanted to do once the expo opened is try out the Total Body Board. I kept walking by this board the last 2 days and finally had a chance to try it out! It was created by Charles Austin who is an Olympic Gold Medalist. Now you can do soo many exercises on this board. It really is a whole body workout. I really do recommend this in a personal gym and really I would love to have this myself. Its on my bucket list for once I get a job and a little more stability.

But as I was saying you can do all sorts of workouts on this board.


I actually was doing around 150 pounds on weighted cords without even feeling it. On the bar by it self was 50 pounds and the weighted cords around my stomach was 100. It felt like I could do even more exercises, sadly I had to give other people a chance to try it out. To learn more about them you can check them out on Twitter and Facebook. They are located in San Marcos, TX so if you are over there go check them out in person!!


Next I had a great little 10 minute workout with TRX. Honestly the things those trainers could do with the suspension cords is just amazing! My arms were really feeling it. I do have to say that by working out with an actual trainer really did make a lot of difference. Before when I would see the whole suspension system in the gym I felt like I had no idea what I was doing (which I didn’t soo) but now I would feel more confident in using them.



TRX has a new little toy that I reaily wanted to try out as a workout but apparently so did everyone else so I was unable to get a shot at it. However the TRX Rip Trainer is a weighted bar with the suspension cord. It focuses on the core while you are building up resistance and endurance. I did have a small taste of it while taking this.


Of course I had to chose the Star Wars one. There was this jaws and a hiking one but this was the best. I am not 100% certain if I was winning this fight or not but it was enjoyable to try and beat Darth Vadar.

I was happy to run Libby from Bruises in the Frosting. It should be mentioned that I love this woman and she is also a Star Wars fan! I swear she was my #blogfest sister!


It was fun playing with the green screen. Here is a look behind the scenes!

However, after this it was time to try out another activity…shopping!!!


This was a cardio workout all in itself. Also these are all for me. Yes you shall have some goodies I promise but these…these are for me. I would like to give a huge shoutout to Lorna Jane and Blogilates for taking all my money. Not sure if the hubby appreciates this but I sure do. It was fun getting all of these awesome workout clothes and well worth the money to feel like a million while working out!

After I decided that I had done enough damage for at least one credit card Libby and I decided to head down to Disney. We heard that if you go after 4pm you could get half priced tickets. We double checked with the Idea World staff and they said yes it was true. So we happily headed outside.


Ya for Disneyland!! I have lived here in So Cal my whole life and have only been to Disneyland twice. Once as a kid and the other time was a few years ago, more then 5, before the Hubby and I were married. However, it was not to be. Apparently, we were supposed to get the tickets over at the convention center and not at Disney. We didn’t know that so Disney itself was out of our reach. But Downtown Disney was just right ^_^


I am showing you these coffee cups as Christmas is coming up and if you all love me you will get these 2 for me. I want them soooo badly. The Star Wars one says ‘Judge me by my size do you’ and is just perfect! Plus the Belle coffee cup is just so pretty. So yes I want them and one day I shall have them!


In the Disney store there is a statue of Genie. I was very happy that they did not take it down. As one of my favorite characters that Robin Williams ever did I was happy to take a selfie with the genie. If you ever go into the store don’t forget to pay your respects to Genie! I am sure he would love it.


Afterwards Libby and I had to take a picture of our new hats! She got Maleficent, it was sooo hard to find, and I got a Princess Belle one. Got to say we look majorly sexy with the hats! Plus we got ton of attention with them. All good!


It was time to treat ourselves. Honestly, with all the working out and walking we totally needed it! Mine was such a yummy White Chocolate Caramel Apple. It wasn’t finished here and the hubby even got a few bites. He was so lucky for each bite…I really didn’t want to share.

It was after this that the day took a nice end. It was a great 3 days of learning, exercise, making friends and just a whole great experience. I was lucky enough to be part of this amazing group of bloggers and friends. I cannot wait until next year and we all get together again!

Thank you for also being part of this blogfest review. I hope that you have not only enjoyed it but also will come next year!