Motivational Thursday

Hey NeverEver’s!


It has been a while hasn’t it! SOOOO many things have happened since I have last wrote here and I promise to go in BIGGER detail in Monday’s blogpost (yes you have to wait until Monday but its WORTH IT!)

But to give you a sneak preview of it….


And yes before anyone asks I am already thinking about, planning and dreaming (which is kinda frightening) for the Spartan Beast. There are 2 that I am in between currently, September 27th in Temecula (which I did my Sprint) and October 3rd in Tahoe. Which one will also be answered by Monday.

I do have a HUGE shout out to FXP FITNESS HULA HOOP! I went over a 10 foot wall, I flipped tires and I did things that I wasn’t able to do last year. And a lot of that is because of FXP. It works those muscles, but in such a fun and effective way you don’t even realize it. If you haven’t ALREADY tried it you need to! Use my discount and order yourself a FXP Fitness Hula Hoop!



Make sure you order the purple hula hoop so we can be matchy!

Okay NeverEver’s, are you ready for Motivational Thursday? Cause I sure am!!










Have a wonderful Thursday you guys!


Motivational Thursday

Hey NeverEver’s,


So toddler nephews are little flu monsters I swear! I never knew this before. But the poor little guy came down with a stomach virus and I watched while one by one…everyone in the family was effected. I thought I was free…I thought I got lucky. Then it got me too. Yesterday.

But he is so adorable that I can’t stay upset…he was so adorable getting all of us sick!

I am just happy it seemed like a 24 hour thing and nothing that stayed with me after that. Which is a good thing cause if I was still suffering you guys probably wouldn’t be getting any Motivational Thursday posts and I wouldn’t have had done my 20 min workout during lunch!


I really didn’t want to work out today. But when I went outside it was such a beautiful day that I couldn’t help it. Although I probably should have run a little. But that is something for another day.

Anyways, NeverEver’s I wanted to get you guys right into Motivational Thursday. Because I am coming up to my Spartan Race and I need ALL the motivation to get over those walls!








Talk with you all again soon!!


Workouts and Winners

Hey NeverEver’s,

Can you believe that tomorrow is April 1st? I mean besides the fact that it is April Fool’s day but it also means that we are now 4 months into the year. It doesn’t seem possible to me, but it is happening so there is nothing to gainsay it.

However, this month has been a roller coaster. I have been to a St. Patricks Day Parade with my Derby Team, been to more Derby Practices then ever, Swore off soda again (and so far sticking to it) and I have been training for the Spartan Super (almost here) with FXP Fitness Hula Hoop.

But on the down side, I have also had extremely lazy weeks, can’t seem to keep things going once I started (except soda) and there has been moments of ‘down-ness’.

I refuse to dwell on the bad though, because life is passing me by if I keep doing so.

But before I go let me give you an update on my weight! I maintained and I am not upset

So first things first, I would like to introduce you guys to my first ever created workout with FXP Fitness Hula Hoop. Now you can use any Hula Hoop BUT I love FXP and you do get workout DVD’s with it so its a great deal ^_~. Not to mention that you can actually get 10% off using my code

But that is totally off subject. I created my own workout and OMG it got me sore! I love it. And I hope you will all love it as well

What do you guys think? That took me completely out of my comfort zone but I am so happy I did it. I do have to give a huge THANK YOU to the hubby who took the photos and wouldn’t let me throw my computer away when it just would move the way I wanted it to do. He really is awesome ^_^. I am doing this workout myself during lunch time or whenever I have a few mins to myself.

It may be nothing but I am seeing my legs a little more toned. Of course that might be all in my head but I bet we will see on the 18th when I do the Super!

On to the next subject! Winners!! I have already contacted the winners of the MealEnder samples but I wanted to give them a shout out here.

Congrats to:

Cheryl & Denise!! I will get your samples out to the post office this week! Thank you so much for entering my giveaway!

As I mentioned this month was up and down. But it was more up then down and I am taking that into this next month! Lets rock April!!