Electric Run

Hey NeverEver’s!


Okay first thing is first…I am SUPER SORE!! Oh my gee I haven’t been this sore in a LONG while. And it is all because of my run this weekend. 3.1 miles beat me down really bad…but it feels so good!

So going from there…the Electric Run 5k was a BLAST! The music was blasting and the lights were just amazing. I have photos to prove it!


So to start off the night getting some shots of Southern Comfort, which sponsor of the Electric Run! I loved having these photoshoots at runs. It is always nice to get together with your running buddies before or after the run and just have fun!



Of course there is also the in line, pre-starting, selfie! These are now mandatory in all runs! I do have to admit, there is something about running at night that just makes things go faster, smoother and dare I even say, faster.



The light blow up bridge was just so much fun to run through. I have to hand it to the DJ of this area, he was adding Super Mario sound effects. It was a perfect touch to this location. Very fun!

I should mention that we were running on Dodger Stadium. I have actually run this location before, and somehow in that run we avoided ALL the hills. In this run…we ran up and down ALL the hills. So I, in the effort to be completely fair, walked all the hills. I was not up to running them. But I did make sure to run down hill. It felt a little like I was a speed demon because of that.



This actually was my 2nd favorite part of the run. These light up umbrellas were pretty cool. Want to see a vid of it? Check it out here! Don’t forget while you are there like my facebook page!! I will LOVE you forever!



Look…my life is complete now. I was able to run by, take a picture with and ALMOST eat a GIANT PURPLE GUMMY BEAR! It was a purple giant gummy bear. Nothing else needs to be said! Well accept that it would have been cool if this was edible. But other then that this awesomeness is pretty self explanatory.


This was my friends favorite part…honestly I would agree if it wasn’t for the GIANT PURPLE GUMMY BEAR. But I am just saying.


Although nothing could beat the views of LA. Usually the city is smoggy and well dirty. But Saturday…it was clean and bright. Beautiful.

We finished the run at an unofficial time of 45:00 mins.  The only reason why I got such an amazing time is because of my friend. She pushed me to run the straight aways and speed walk up the hills (of which there where many). It was so much fun getting back into a 5k.

So much fun that when I was offered an opportunity to do a run challenge in January I jumped at it. Well I jumped at it after Saturday.



Yes I am doing a Spartan. OMGEEEEE what have I signed myself up for? Seriously I am not sure but I am really looking forward to finding out.

Do you want to join me? Well you can. Use this code ‘ SPARTANBLOGGER ‘ and find a race at the Reebok Spartan Race and join me! I am personally going to be doing the Vail Lake (yes I am going back to the mountain!!) on 1/25/15. If you would like to join with me (yay) my group name is ‘ Derby Gets Muddy ‘. Come and get super muddy with me and lets conquer the Spartan!

I was not paid for this opportunity. I was given a free chance to run (Spartan) this race but that is it. All opinions and thoughts are still my own! 


November = Time to Breath

Hey NeverEver’s,

October was a tough month. Life hit my family and I left and right. Honestly, I am happy that the month is done and over with.

Why was October a hard month?

My Father had a heart attack.

So the last 2 weeks was a little more then just running around, getting doctor opinions, and basically panicking where no one other then the hubby could see me.

He was a complete rock for me during this time. Held me when I needed it and told me to solider up when I needed that. I don’t think I would have made it as well as I did if it wasn’t for him.

So my dad is in the clear and I am starting to think of other things besides hospitals and work. It feels nice but I am still trying to get used to it myself. Sadly that meant that my blog took a huge back seat to what was going on. To be honest I am not sure how much I am going to be able to participate in the blog this month either. I am hoping to be 100% back into business but as I am still worried about my family. Not going to lie to any of you. But, I do want to bring myself back into my thought process.

I have to.

So I am going to be doing a little more mental health recovery this month. This is my plan

  • Breathing. Deep long, rejuvenating breaths.
  • Thinking 5 Happy Thoughts before waking up & 5 more before bed
  • Writing down everything that I am eating
  • Couch to 10k for exercise

Very simple things that are going to help keep me grounded. Help keep me from over thinking about all the things that could go wrong.

I would like to thank you all again for all the very nice words, posts, comments that you all gave to me during this time. You have all been the best!

Thank you NeverEver’s!


Sunday Thoughts

Hey NeverEver’s,

Its Sunday and I am finally coming down from my birthday weekend high. My friends have been amazing to me. Honestly I am so lucky to know them and they all ROCK!



It was a great Friday and so worth feeling a little dizzy on Saturday…which is why you didn’t hear from me. I was basically sleeping the whole day and watched Ghost Adventures until the wee hours in the morning. It was a really great Saturday.

However, before I get into sharing my goals for next week I would like to congratulate the winner of the FXP Fitness Hula Hoop Giveaway! So congratulations Marlo Smi. I really can’t wait to see what color and what you do with your own Hula Hoop! Don’t forget to tag me when you get it!!! 


Now though I am ready to really start concentrating on me. Making myself a priority and forcing me to remember that I am a priority. Halloween is almost here, Thanksgiving is next, Christmas is after and then New Years. That means that all the important and OMG holidays are almost here and I just want to make sure that I don’t forget myself, my exercises and eating right during this super busy (fun) time.

So this means that I am dedicating myself to

  • Making myself a PRIORITY
  • Making my workouts a PRIORITY
  • Making eating right a PRIORITY

How am I going to do this? I mean honestly, and I want to be honest here, I have made comments and posts about ‘taking control of my life’ or this time it is going to change. But only small changes or no changes were to be had. So how can I honestly say that this time is going to be different? How can I tell you, and myself, that this time it is going to be different? That this time I have the ‘need’the ‘want’ and the ‘desire’ to have a lasting change?

Honestly I can’t answer that completely. I wish I could answer that but I can’t. I can only see myself as I am right now. I am tired of putting my health second, or as an after thought. I am tired of being good at ‘healthy’ eating for 3 days and the other 4 days either forgetting or it not being as good. Or working out for a good 4 days and then not doing it the following week.

Take control of your life concept


So I am going to take it a day at a time. I am going to take it a meal at a time. I am going to take it a workout at a time. It might not be perfect. I might still fail. But I will no longer feel like I am not moving forward in my life. I will no longer feel that I am disappointing myself and all of you. Yes I am still on my journey, but it isn’t a journey if it only goes backwards.

Taking control of my life is going to be an interesting challenge. And to be, again, honest it is a scary thing. I have failed before. I have succeed before. I have made changes to my life that is still in effect today and others that I haven’t, but should have, kept up. However, it is time to let go. It is time to go forward.


Because if I don’t move on now…then when? If I don’t forgive myself for failing myself, for not succeeding then how can I ever move on?



I am ready to fly. I am ready to move on. I am ready to fully succeed.

Okay so that is a lot of heart wrenching writing that I just finished. It wasn’t easy but I had to have it written down for me and to be honest to all of you. But now that it is down in cyber space I want to share my goals for this next week and for the rest of this year.

Week Goal

  • 10 Min workout #FFFChallenge every day.
  • Juice in the morning
  • No eating out
  • Start Couch to 5k

Rest of the Month Goal

  • 10 Min workout w/ #FFFChallenge every day
  • Eating out is only 1 time a weekend
  • Finish getting ready for the Electric Run 5k (Nov 8th)

Rest of the Year Goal

  • Finish Slim in 6
  • Eating out is only 1 time a weekend
  • Finish 8 of my virtual medals (especially my 2 Christmas ones)
  • Finish this year off strong for the next year!

This is what I have been thinking about all day long. And I am going to make this happen, for myself.

Okay NeverEver’s, I am done with this post for today…which is a good thing. I am feeling pretty drained on writing this. But I did want to know…have you made any plans for the rest of the year?