Cravings Suck

Hey NeverEver’s!


Its my second day back!! Look at me I am so awesome, seriously kidding I promise. However, it does feel good knowing that I am now getting back into my grove of writing. It also might help that I have all day to plan what exactly I am going to be writing about. But at least I am filling my day productively.

Anyways, I wanted to talk to you about something that gets me every time. Its cravings.



Now I have a major sweet tooth. Honestly I can, and have in the past, finished off a can of icing. It took me 3 days but I did it. Nothing to be proud about but I am putting into perspective my sweet tooth. Anything sweet and I usually want it. Salty is good and it has its place but doesn’t really get me going like a candy does.

Besides its years of sweets and the lack of physical activity, but seriously mainly the sweets, that has gotten me to the pounds I am now. Which is 200. I mean ya I am down 30 pounds in a year and half (almost 2 starting July). I am proud to see those pounds gone. Could I have lost more if I changed my eating habits? Yes!

I have already given up Soda’s. It has actually been a year since I have had any soda. It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be to tell the truth. Most of the time the hardest part is when you are away from normal restaurants and you want something to drink and all they have is soda. Thats the hardest. But happily it doesn’t happen much.

Before I started writing this and thinking about how I feel about sugar and my relationship with it (toxic) I was feeling some major cravings. The fact that there isn’t anything in the house that is sweet hasn’t stopped my sweet tooth. I was actually a few minutes away from getting in the car and heading over to a Walgreens and picking something up. I’ve done it before (yelling at myself the whole way but still did it) .

So I started thinking about things that I could and have before killed my cravings. This list might not work for you, you really do have to find your own ninch to really break free of the power of craving but I want to share it with you!

  • Drink water. Usually I do room temp but if its bad enough cold water usually helps. I (not a doctor so not sure) believe it is because its a shock to the system.
  • Play with the cat. Or in my case try to avoid the claws of my cat who was resting very peacefully and was disturbed by me.
  • Put in a Workout DVD / Go for a Walk. Seriously, if I have time to crave (when at home) I have time to exercise.
  • Make some green tea. I use this one more at work then at home but it gets me away from the craving danger.
  • Write on your blog and think about everyone who reads it.
  • Walk away from stressful situations. It isn’t always possible but I don’t need that stress in my life and neither do you!

I also saw this while looking at pictures for this post.



Which I have to say thank you to the google gods and whoever created this! Now this gives me, and hopefully you, and idea on how to combat the cravings. I see lots of fresh fruit, spinach, broccoli and cauliflower in my future.

But honestly I have to think to myself.

I have gone 1 year without soda. Yup 1 year being soda free. I did accidentally had a sip of a soda (in my defense I thought it was my cup in which I had unsweetened tea but it was my hubby’s cup) and it tasted HORRIBLE. So if I can go 1 year without soda I can do the same thing with junk food.

Now I am not going to start cutting out all sugar in my life. Naturally occurring sugars (which is in basically anything grown on a farm) and my Shakeology is staying. I want to concentrate on cutting out Candies and other none special occasion sweets. My jury is still out on my beer / wine but as I do not have a job right now…that is being cut out anyways.




Honestly this wasn’t easy to write. But I had to get it out from just being in me. So to end with. Hello my name is Alicia and I have a major Sweet Tooth. I have a plan and I am putting it into action.


Just as a reminder. I am hosting a 30 Day Free Shakeology Challenge Group. I do have to admit that when I take my shakeology everyday like I am supposed to it does help with my cravings its only when I don’t and go days without it that I find myself reaching. If you would like to know more about it let me know!

Thank you NeverEver’s for going through Cravings with me! I know we all have them and we all have different ways of getting rid of them. I would love to learn some of your tips for dealing with cravings!!


Back For Good

Hey NeverEver’s!

I am super embarrassed at how long I have been away. Not even away from just this blog but for the last 2 weeks I have been away from life itself. Not to mention that it was very hard to come back. To acknowledge that  I have let myself and everyone else down. It would have been easier to just go away, to quit all of this and leave it alone. But I didn’t want to do that. Even when I was at my laziest I knew that I needed to come back.

And here I am.

So what have I done? Well, as always, I have pics ^_~

For Easter hubby and I went to Griffith Park with some long standing friends.



See this trail? This isn’t a trail at all…it is a WATER TRIAL! You know where the water flows down the mountain! Yup that is what they had me climb. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to hug them or kill them.



See that brown line that goes up to the Power Tower. Well that was the Water trail pictured above and that is how far I climbed. We went all the way to the water tower. I was so happy to see the top!! I really got my steps down yesterday!



Just a little better view of the top. It was nice to be above all the city noise. But man did you feel the heat up there! And yes before it is asked I did get a sunburn. It isn’t THAT bad but its still a sub burn.



However, after that LONG trip up the mountain it was time for the water wars. We all got lucky this year as it was pretty hot and a really good day to chase each other with water guns. Last Easter it actually rained so it wasn’t as fun as this year. This year we all got soaked but it was nice and hot so we dried off pretty quickly.

However, before we get into what I have been doing today, Monday, I need to explain something. Last Monday I was let go from my job. Without getting into much detail although my ‘let go’ was above aboard it still wasn’t done 100% correctly or with warning. So I am in the market for a new job.

So now onto what I was able to do today!



First thing was first. I needed to get organized. Starting with with calendar, food planning and finally my finances. It wasn’t easy but by the end of 2 hours I was all caught up. Here is my Meal Plan for this week! This week, all the recipes are all from the Drop 10 Cook Book from Self Magazine.

  • Monday – Veggie Pad Thai – pg 95
  • Pesto Egg Salad Wraps – pg 109
  • Turkey Bacon Wrapped Chicken -pg 115
  • Baby Spinach & Water Melon Salad – pg 123
  • Fried Flank Steak over artichokes – pg 131

That is the plan.


I also did some major spring cleaning, well at least in my closet. It was a MESS and it was time to get that death trap under control. I was quite happy with the results. Now just to keep it that way!



After all that cleaning it was time to get the groceries for this weeks food. I do have to way the dinner I made for tonight turned out pretty good. It was even Hubby approved which is always a nice thing ^_~. Plus it even sorta looked like the picture.

So that is basically everything that I have been doing and my plan for this latest week.

It is good to be back and I am not planning on going anywhere.

Oh before I forget



Even with all my ‘laziness’ I was still doing my morning shakeology! So I am starting a 30 day Shakeology Challenge. This group takes advantage of what BeachBody makes available on their 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Okay I am so tired. It is time for bed!



Sunday Food Prep

Hey NeverEver’s!


Yay its Sunday!! I have to saw that it felt great sleeping in today and just enjoying the lovely weather that So Cal is currently having. Seriously I hope no one is having snow!! Its April already, so it should be sun shine and roses right?!?

But you guys didn’t come here for me to tell you all about how lovely the So Cal weather is right? No you guys came  to see my Sunday Food Prep!!

So here it is!


Here I have my cantaloupe and grape fruit ready for consumption on the daily!



My spinach salad with almonds, strawberries and a drizzling of sunflower seeds. And of course my raspberry vignette




Now this is my meals. From left to right

Light Gravy chicken with Mushroom

Baked Chicken Marinara

Lemon and Garlic Rubbed Chicken

Herb Rubbed Chicken

Oh and what is not shown here are the oranges and my hard boiled eggs. But these are my main meals and snacks. With this all being ready I have to say I am really looking forward to Monday.

Which is a surprise lol, as you all know I really don’t like Mondays at all.

But I am super happy I got myself a new toy for the kitchen!!

Its part of the ninja line and I have to say a huge thank you to Target for making it affordable!!


I can now chop, mine and puree with glee. Seriously I can’t wait to play around with this beauty with some of the recipes that I have. It just has to wait for next food prep since I already got this one planned out.

Okay NeverEvers, It is now time for me to enjoy the rest of my Sunday!! I hope the rest of the day is super relaxing!!