Sunday Food Prep

Hey NeverEver’s!


Yay its Sunday!! I have to saw that it felt great sleeping in today and just enjoying the lovely weather that So Cal is currently having. Seriously I hope no one is having snow!! Its April already, so it should be sun shine and roses right?!?

But you guys didn’t come here for me to tell you all about how lovely the So Cal weather is right? No you guys came  to see my Sunday Food Prep!!

So here it is!


Here I have my cantaloupe and grape fruit ready for consumption on the daily!



My spinach salad with almonds, strawberries and a drizzling of sunflower seeds. And of course my raspberry vignette




Now this is my meals. From left to right

Light Gravy chicken with Mushroom

Baked Chicken Marinara

Lemon and Garlic Rubbed Chicken

Herb Rubbed Chicken

Oh and what is not shown here are the oranges and my hard boiled eggs. But these are my main meals and snacks. With this all being ready I have to say I am really looking forward to Monday.

Which is a surprise lol, as you all know I really don’t like Mondays at all.

But I am super happy I got myself a new toy for the kitchen!!

Its part of the ninja line and I have to say a huge thank you to Target for making it affordable!!


I can now chop, mine and puree with glee. Seriously I can’t wait to play around with this beauty with some of the recipes that I have. It just has to wait for next food prep since I already got this one planned out.

Okay NeverEvers, It is now time for me to enjoy the rest of my Sunday!! I hope the rest of the day is super relaxing!!


Saturday Workout Planning

Hey NeverEver’s!

Its Saturday and encase you aren’t sure…tomorrow is Sunday. Which means tomorrow is Food Prep day. As I am tired of the upset stomachs, the laziness and just feeling blah with myself. So I am setting myself for success not failure this time. Plus I got to get the hubby back to normal levels as well since he is back for good. Especially since the doc just told him he has high cholesterol. Which just goes to show that even when you looks healthy it doesn’t always mean that you are healthy.

I was thinking. If Sunday is usually food prep day…shouldn’t Saturday be Workout Planning Day? I am most likely over thinking this I know but why not? The more I have been thinking about it the more I want to do it. So  what exactly is my Workout plan for this next week?

The Week of 4/7 – 4/13

M-F Workouts

  • Monday –  21 Day Fix Total Body Cardio Fix
  • Tuesday - 5k ‘Disney Zebra Medal Run’ & Upper Fix
  • Wednesday – Lower Legs & Roller Derby Pratice
  • Thursday – 5k ‘Disney Giraffe Medal Run’ & Pilates Fix
  • Friday – Cardio Fix & Roller Derby Pratice
  • Saturday – All Day at the Toyota Grand Prix (standing and more standing) I do hope to add some Wall Squats or something to help with the standing
  • Sunday – Yoga Fix – Wine Tasting Event

This is the plan. Actually this is the goal. I have to do this for myself.

I am already planning on the recipes for tomorrows Food Prep. Using my new containers from the 21 day fix is going to be interesting. Apparently I am allowed to have

4 Greens

3 Purples

4 Reds

3 Yellows

1 Blue

1 Orange

Getting these meals done right is going to be the most important and hardest part of what I need to do. Anyone can workout but where the real challenge lies (especially with me) is with the eating.



But you guys know exactly where I struggle. And with me being ‘free’ for the last 2 weeks this is going to be a complete re-start from where I was to where I am currently.

So tomorrow is my Food Prep post or and my Weight Watchers Weigh In!!!

Have a wonderful rest of your Saturday NeverEver’s! Enjoy it!!


Aprils Fools

Hey NeverEver’s,


It feels like forever since I have last written. It really has been too long but honestly I really have had nothing to write about. Nothing to scream and shout about. Nothing which is brag or tell you about. In fact I have been in a huge slump with my day basically going like this

  • Wake up at 7:20
  • Be at work at 8:00
  • Lunch from 12 – 1
  • Home by 6

Restart for the next 5 days. Yes it has been as boring as it sounds. But in my defense (as weak as it might be) I have had my baby nephew over, and the hubby came back and these are just excuses.

I have been full of excuses. Full of being lazy.

However, I don’t want to be lazy any more. Which is of course easier said then done. But as I am sitting n front of the computer I am feeling better already. I am feeling more in control and not so ‘blah’ as I have been feeling.

So what do I have planned for this month? Really nothing much but I do have a few things.

  • Long Beach Toyota Grand Prix – All day help for my Roller Derby Team
  • I want to do 3 10k’s this month. In preparation for my Pretty Muddy Run next month.
  • Go out skating with the Hubby
  • I have about 4 cook book reviews I will be doing — Can’t wait to try new food ^_~

And of course the biggest thing I will be doing is just getting back into my stride with not being so lazy.

Oh and I will also be doing the 21 Day Fix! I already got the containers and I am getting the recipes / food ready. I can’t wait!

I know that this is pretty short post but I now have way to much restless energy and getting caught up on all the good bloggy things that I have been missing!

I will see you all tomorrow!!