Motivational Thursday

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Hey NeverEver’s,

I can’t believe that it is already Thursday!! Plus that means we only have 1 last week of this month and then its October. Seriously where has this time gone? I am not sure and I really want to find out.

Things are really looking up from last Thursday! But not as relaxing as last weekends camping trip…oh man was that fun!!

But of course we are all here for Motivational Thursday!! And why shouldn’t we be? Its almost the weekend and we need to make it though until Monday!

So lets start.











Remember to have an AWESOME weekend whatever you end up doing. Just don’t forget to add some type of activity to your weekend.


#HulaHoopAdventure Week 1

Hey NeverEver’s!!

Its Wednesday (and I am late) and that means it is time for me to review my #HulaHoopAdventure! Which this has been a crazy week. New job, car crash and camping up in Northern California. Not exactly the best week to be trying a whole new workout and adventure.

But you know what…Doing the Cardio Blast 1 was exactly what I needed during that hectic week. It helped centered me and made sure I didn’t go out of my mind with worries. Plus it made sure that I didn’t go back being depressed after that accident. It was 45 minutes that I put for myself. 45 minutes that I worked out and forgot all the good, the bad and the ugly that was happening last week and just concentrated on me.

But what did I do while I was camping? I mean its not like I wanted to take my DVD player / TV with me. For one I wanted to go camping and enjoy nature w/ a TV. Plus I really didn’t think carrying a 55″ TV with us was a good idea. But there was a solution that was just perfect. FXP Fitness has a app for both the iPhone and Google phones. That is what I used. Yes the videos needed internet BUT they have really in depth explanations on how to do each move so it made it easy to understand even without the video clip.


You can really take a Hula Hoop anywhere and make it a fun workout! Plus it is always fun to share the Hula Hoop fun with everyone! Or maybe bribe the people you are camping with to give it a try…


She had fun!!

However, what we were really all looking forward to was my second video!! I do apologize that this wasn’t up yesterday, we were having rolling blackouts in Cali and my house was effected. Here is the brand new #HulaHoopAdventure Week 1 Review 

Now some of my favorite things that I really LOVED about this workout Cardio Blast I Workout DVD

  • It doesn’t hurt my joints. It was a flowing / sweaty workout I was happy to complete
  • The DVD has barre, pilates, cardio, yoga and strength training all in one dvd. You can’t get tired!
  • Niece gives you multiple options for each move. Need to make it easy, stay with the basic, want to make it harder…then do the harder move!
  • This Hula Hoop really works you WHOLE body. Arms, Core, Legs and then you get to stretch out
  • Honestly the time frame is great. 45 minutes of my day. I can handle taking out 45 mins just for me!
  • Did I mention that I am sweaty by the end? Well I am!!

Honestly I have to say it was one of my favorite workouts. I didn’t feel stressed but I felt pushed. Something that I could easily look forward to in the mornings before going to work. Now I am really looking forward to Cardio Blast II which I get to try out this week!


that was done on 9/6/2014.

this was done on 9/16/2014

Okay NeverEver’s, don’t forget at the end of all of this you have a chance to walk away with your OWN Hula Hoop from FXP Fitness and the 3 DVD’s that I am currently reviewing! You really are going to want one of your own!!


Weekend Camping

Hello NeverEver’s!


It is Monday and I have to say it is really…really nice to be back in a real bed and to work (I am certain I won’t always say that but right now its the way I feel ^_^). I do believe it is the fact that I was able to sleep in my own bed instead of in a tent and sleeping bag. Don’t get me wrong I totally love camping, hiking and enjoying nature to its fullest but I am not sure my back totally agrees with me.

However, it was a great trip and I was very happy that it wasn’t cancelled with everything that happened before we went. I do have to say that with dealing with Progressive Insurance is pretty easy and they are taking care of everything. Which is great because I really wouldn’t know where to start. This camping trip was just what the Hubby and I needed to step away from the the curve balls that life has thrown and just relax. And that is just what we did!

Starting with Lassen Volcanic National Park!


It took us about 8 plus hour and over 500 miles to get to Lassen from the Los Angeles County where I live. But the trip was so worth it. Happily we left around 10 pm so when we went through the farm land on the I5 there was nothing to see. Which is just fine with me. I have seen all of these farms before and it always gets super hot in between the cities.


If you are thinking 8 plus hours of driving is long…well it is but once you are there it is so worth it. We camped right by Summit Lake, pictured, and this picture really doesn’t do it justice. Having been the second time me and the Hubby coming here and it still takes my breath away!


If you have ever been camping you know that you go to bed early, hey its dark by 8pm, and you are awake by 5am with the sun. I really wished I could give you all a picture of all the stars that I saw these last 2 nights but as I don’t have that camera technology I will show you all the sun rise!

We were around 8,000 feet up so while the air was super fresh it was also a little lighter then what I was used to. Happily as we’ve been here before we know for a fact that we need to take it take it easy when we go hiking…or just walking to the pit toilet.


But of course we still had to go hiking! I found out that Lassen has over 150 trails that you could go on. Many of them lead to either lakes that are crystal clear or that lead up to one of its many peaks. We decided to take a lake trail!


The Hubby was super brave getting in the lake first. It was COLD! However, since he got in I had to get in as well…but I basically stayed on the edge. It was a little too cold for my liking ^_^


Happily the sun was nice and hot so once I got out it was a great warm up. I admit to sunning myself on those rocks. It was very peaceful and relaxing!


After we got back from that awesome, yet COLD LAKE, hike it was time to eat!!! We decided that hotdogs made a really simple, yet filling, lunch / dinner for us campers and a cold stella to wash it down!


We also had a visitor! This is the first time I saw a deer that close to base camp! Apparently that deer and some chipmunks had no fear of fire or humans. Still she was so dainty and pretty to look at. I was very happy we got a chance to see her.



Of course after dinner it was time for some smores!! I mean who can have camping without the gram cracker, marshmallow and chocolate all together melted gooiness!

After all of this we were all tired and went to bed pretty early. Stayed up to just look at the night sky then straight to bed.



After we woke up and had some s’mores for breakfast it was time to go exploring. I heard that there was a Volcanic cave around Lassen and wanted to find it. Took us about 2 hours to find it…we got lost on some back trails that we really should never have been on, but once we found it we were happy!



The ground was super uneven and since we forgot some of our flashlights we really took it easy. So this cave was created by lava flow back when the last eruption was. It formed the cave in a way to get away from the volcano pressure. Once everything was cooled off we were left with this. It is a nice 48* year round and is dark…dark…DARK!



Behind us is the cave…in front of us was the sun. But we survived the 1.2 mile trail. Have to say that it was nice to get under ground and be all cool from the heat!

Afterwards, we found out that a National Park over there was a BIG waterfall. The Hubby is a huge fan of waterfalls so of course we had to check it out.



So we drove to McArthur National Park, Burney Falls.



We heard the falls way before we ever say them. It was so beautiful. Actually, standing next to this waterfall you really felt the power of water and just how majestic nature can really be.



Of course the Hubby and I had to take a cheesy / loving photo! In fact this is now my background for my work computer. Always want to remember this moment!

10384548_944647942217531_4387434558543986810_nIt was then time to walk up to the ‘top’ of the waterfall. It was a really nice trail. Well taken care of and a decent assent. It wasn’t immediately up up up. Side note the personal in front of me is our Cousin. She was a super fun to go camping with!



I always found it pretty interesting the way trees…well nature really…can grow anywhere. Even up the side of a mountain.



Here is a pic of the Hubby deciding that he wants to take the rocky way up the mountain. Me and my cousin decided that we would stick with the actual trail thank you very much. Hubby didn’t get that far up and decided to join us on the nice and smooth trail.



And this is what they meant by the ‘top of the waterfall’. In my head I was actually picturing being on top right before it drops but this was still really pretty!!



However, on top I found a sign for the Pacific Crest Trail! There are hikers…well backpackers…who travel from Mexico to Canada or the other way around. This was pretty much right in the middle. I don’t think I will ever actually hike this trail but it was nice to be on it for a while.

Sunday which is when we were all leaving and coming back home for the 8 hour drive was pretty slow. This is where my whole hiking / camping adventure was.

Okay NeverEver’s, this was my complete hiking adventure. I will see you all tomorrow (#HulaHoopAdventure) is coming up!!

Have you gone camping before? If so, where? I need some more camping ideas!