July is here!?!

Hey NeverEver’s!


Can you believe that it is already July? I am not certain I am really prepared for this month whatsoever. I am just getting over EDC and now I have Anime Expo, Hubby’s B-Day and now I have a really special, awesome event that I can’t wait to share it with all of you!

But first lets go over the goals and plans for July. Cause it is July 1st ya know ^_^

Lets start with my stats, so I can show how much that changes on the 31st!!


  • Weight – 198
  • Size – 12
  • Chest – 40
  • Legs – 25
  • Arms – 15
  • Stomach – 48

As I can’t find my darn measurements from 2 months ago I can’t do a compare. Seriously I have spent the last hour looking all over the internet for it but I can’t find it. But I do know how much weight I lost according to the amazing Weight Watchers Scale…but I need a drum roll please!!

Total Weight Lost

I started Weight Watchers 2 months ago at a weight of 218. I am now at 198 which means I lost a total of 20 pounds. It was also during this time I dropped 2 pants sizes from a 16 to 12. So I am super duper excited with these numbers and loving the changes that I am making that is making this possible.

Anyways, on to my workouts for this Month. This month I am concentrating on my stretching and flow with Piyo, my endurance and strength with Roller Derby and my peace of mind with a 5k every week.

Afternoons – PiYo

Wednesday / Thursday / Sunday – Roller Derby Practice

Monday / Friday – Endurance Skate

Sunday – 5k

I actually started with my PiYo today and fell in love with it!!



I loved how on the first day it is all about how to do the moves. It is something that is always a little frustrating when you go to a live class or a DVD and you don’t really know the moves. Especially with yoga and pilates as every move is so important. Getting all the moves down that Charlene is going to be using the whole workout.

Personally I can’t wait for tomorrow for Day 2!!

So I also have the Foam Fest 5k coming up on July 19th as well. I am really looking forward to this run!! Its a foam and a mud run all into one. I just hope the hills don’t kill me like last time!!

But that isn’t what I really want to tell you all about

Love Long Beach Festival is coming up and they are allowing my Roller Derby League to come out and put together a skating event!!

So let me introduce you tooo

Love Long Beach Festival Power Skate!!



Now this is going to be a fun skating event and here is why!

Its a 3k (1.89 miles) so it isn’t going to be a killer for new skaters at all. We are going to have challenges at each stop on the way where we are going to test your fun bone!

You can even rent skates at the event itself if you don’t have your own! Welcome to skate with either inlines or quads. Plus there is going to be Roller Derby girls all over this event!

Now did I mention the tickets are only $15?? Seriously $15 for a fun skate with the proceeds going to BadFish Roller Derby and Long Beach Junior Roller Derby. So I know that you are going to come and join me…right!! Cause I know you have been interested in my skating, and you all know its a great burn!!

So don’t forget to come and sign up!

And that is what I am doing this month.

What are your plans NeverEver’s…besides coming to the skating event?!?!


Motivational Thursday


Look at who is back in Cali? Also look who got sick from the 25+ degree difference between Las Vegas and Los Angeles. Feeling a ton better then yesterday but my abs are still getting a great internal workout…which I really wish would stop cause I am not sure how much more my head can take.

But I do have more things to share with you that doesn’t have to deal with me being sick, I promise!

First I wanted to share a little more of EDC! It was an amazing experience and honestly a really good workout too!



Now I just want you to look at this. This is a statue at the Cosmopolitan and I would like to point out that I am wearing heels. A dog statue has made me feel short. Don’t I look cute? haha



These were my outfits for the 3 days.

Day 1 = Rave Kitty

Day 2 = Trance Belle

Day 3 = Lazy Daisy

Next year I will find a cold top for Belle…I will!

But honestly I was more upset with how the 3rd and final day was for me. It started out great, got there early and was able to get some great standing area for some amazing DJ’s. But then about 4 hours in my feet started hurting. I was able to ignore / sit down a little for the next hour but suddenly I just couldn’t take it anymore. Had to have the hubby and I leave EDC and head back to the car. Now I do know that with me having PF that I was able to do 2 days with 5-7 hours on my feet is amazing. But still I am disappointed that I wasn’t able to do the same on the 3rd.

Nevertheless, it was an amazing time. Plus on the bright side I was able to do a lot more then last year. So all I can think about it how much I am gonna be able to do next year!


On to what we usually do on Thursdays…Motivational Thursday!







Okay so I am going to be leaving with this. The hubby is calling me for dinner! I hope you all have an amazing weekend!!


But I want the sugar

Hey NeverEver’s!

I actually wrote this in Thursday coming up to Vegas. But as I had some technical issues with my blog I wasn’t able to post it until today. So I am leaving it as I originally wrote it.


Hey NeverEver’s!

I am currently on my way to Las Vegas for EDC, also the hubby is driving while I am writing this so don’t worry!


Look we even decorated the car! It was awesome running into other people driving for the same event.

I was trying to write this on my blog but it couldn’t connect (3g is something that is hard to find in the desert) so I am writing this on Evernote and will transfer once I have service. But I really had to get this out of my head and written down.

First off, I am sorry I haven’t been here. I have been working out, eating right (mostly), and been on my wonderful Facebook Page (NeverEverBeenSkinny) but I haven’t been here. Why? Well I think there are 2 reasons.

1. When I don’t work I get a computer hatred and hate going on my laptop. I don’t know why but it has happened every time I am unemployed. I am working on that.

2. I be lazy. Honest this reason should be number 1.

However, I do have things that I want to share!


My first before and after that you can actually tell a difference in. These shorts are size 14 and really the first pair of shorts that I felt comfortable in since middle school.

I found this out going to Six Flags and I happened to have a friend that liked an older photo in me.

Yay for a before and after victory!


Now ignoring the fact that I have the whitest belly in the world…these shorts that I currently have on (over some workout leggings cause I was impatient) is a size 12.

When I was able to put these on I started crying. Which freaked out my father in law but that was OK. These were happy tears. I really can’t remember when I was in a 12. I just remember 14/16.

Now I have found afterwards that I can’t wear ALL size 12s out there but pretty damn close! I am reaching for old navy’s diva.

But even with all of these amazing victories it really didn’t hit home that I was not only working out on a consistent basis but I was losing weight. At least not until now.

What makes now different? My tooth…Well my sweet tooth :-D

Hubby and I stopped at sonic drive in for lunch while heading to Vegas. So I got what I would usually get. A chicken sandwich and mozzarella sticks (to replace the fries) but then I saw something sweet. What I really wanted but didn’t at all need. A cookie dough ice cream shake. OMG it was perfect. No horrible chocolate chips to get through. Just cookie dough and ice cream. Genius.

Of course without thinking about it I ordered a large.

I took 1 bite and it was heaven. 2 bites and it was the same thing. But by the 4th bite I noticed that I was reaching for some water to wash it down. By the 5th I could no longer fool myself.

It was too sweet. It was too much.

Now remember this is coming from a person who used to be able to polish off icing in 2 days.

My sweet tooth has gone away and honestly I don’t want it back. I mean I still crave those things but once they are in my mouth I can’t handle it.

So without me even noticing not only has my body changed but so has my taste buds. What I am now used to isn’t the same as what I used to have.

Honestly, I know that my weakest link in my weight loss story has been my food. But with this realization (and waste of money) it has become a little easier. Just knowing that my body doesn’t like it anymore makes a huge difference.

So it will take dedication, time and telling yourself no on things but you can change what your taste buds want. Unless we’re talking pineapple…then I am never changing my mind. Blah.

This is what I had to get down so badly. At least I am being driven and so far the music has entertained the hubby! I will see you all after Vegas!