Day 1 of #BlogFest

Hey NeverEver’s!!

Its Monday and I am still recovering from all the amazing information, workouts and just plain fun of Idea World BlogFest! So much wonderful information that I can’t wait not only to share with you but also to just implement! Lets go ahead and start Day 1



Have I said how much I love Anaheim Convention Center? I absoultely love this convention center. It is so nicely laid out, and palm trees are nicely placed and I have nothing but good memories from here. From Anime Expo back in the day, to the OC Car Fair to most recently Idea World BlogFest.



We started off the day with Yoga. Unless someone got up at 6am for a SweatPink run. Which I was not able to get up for it, of course it was no surprise as I am so not a morning person. But with Yoga I was all ready for that!


Got lucky to be instructed by Stephanie Ring! She made sure to give us all examples of the moves, how to go through them and if someone (me) wasn’t able to do that move she gave alternatives.



I admit that usually during Yoga I don’t sweat that much. Unless I am doing Bikram but that is different. However, Endure Yoga is a hardcore but still fluid. It was something that I enjoyed and would do so again. But seriously look at that burn in less then 40 minutes! Loved it!!

After that it was time to go to our blogging meetings!



But we were all pleasantly surprised with a gift from Lorna Jane! We all got a Inspirational Tank Top. I ended up with that red one you see pictured. It says ‘Energy’ and it looks like it comes from a comic book! I am in LOVE with it. Plus we get to meet and hear the wonderful Lorna Jane. This is actually the 2nd time I get to meet Lorna Jane. It was very inspirational listening to her talk and not just walk up and get a hug from her. One of the things that she said is that ‘Somewhere in everything I make is love. You can always find it and feel it just by wearing it’. Which really touched me. We have companies out there that don’t care, and there are companies out there that do. I honestly believe that with Lorna Jane she does care about her customers, her clients and really believes that feeling the love make the workouts that much easier.

Next we got to listen to Laura Lynn Klein from Organic Authority! She was going to teach us all about Meal Prepping and How to Blog about it. Which is something that I really would like to get better at so it was all the notes. I think I almost typed my fingers off writing the notes. How to deal with natural lighting, spraying veggies with water while taking a pic, using organic produce as not only is it better tasting and helps the farmers but it also photos better!

I will admit there are no photos of the beautiful Laura. Like I said way to busy typing it all down.

After that it was time for the IDEA Opening Ceremonies!



It was great listening to some of the people not only receive their awards for being Fitness Instructor of the Year or Personal Trainer of the Year. However, the real standing moment was when Augie and Lynne walked across stage and started talking about ALS and how it not only changed his life but how he has striven to overcome it. Honestly NO one in the room had a dry eye when we watched the video of Augie walking his daughter down the aisle.

After this wonderful opening ceremonies it was time to shop! We only had about 2 hours to just take everything in!



These doors couldn’t open fast enough! Honestly we were all just staring at the doors going ‘Open, Open, Open’. Finally they did and I had my coupons to get ALL the discounts!

First stop of course had to be



Had to be Quest Nutrition! I got an awesome Cookie Dough Bar and it was delicious of course. It saved me from all those long hours of meetings and workouts. Thanks Quest!

Then I had over to



Dannon who was giving out samples of Oikos (which is delicious greek yogurt). Did I mention that I got to take a picture with John Stamos who made me #SeriouslyHappy.



After that I had to run to the SweatPink booth and get a picture with Jamie! She is the co-founder of FitApproach that just bring fitness, health and happiness to ladies a world around!

She is so nice and also one of the geniuses behind BlogFest. It was really an honor to meet her. I can’t wait to see her again next year (if not sooner!!)



It was then time to head back to the meetings but not before I was able to run into (okay really it was more of a hunting down) Melissa from The Valentine RD. She was hosting a giveaway for LiveWell 360 Bag. You had to take a picture with her and of course after the hunting I had to do an action shot. But honestly it would have been worth it just to met her. I love her blog and you should really take a look at it!

After my awesome action shot (thanks again Melissa)

The next person I was really, and I mean really, was looking forward to Rita Berry from Blog Genie! I mean we all know her, we all love her and she was here at BlogFest teaching us about how to Blog Design on a Budget. And honestly who doesn’t have a budget! This is another panel that I didn’t get any pictures with. I was a little star stuck and just all the information flowing out of her. I even met her later during the SweatPink Happy Hour and I got to talk to her saying thanks for coming and how much I learned from her.

After all of that information being placed in my head it was time for another Shopping Break.

This time I had to head over to Banded!



Now Banded2gether is just amazing. The headbands fit comfortably, lasted me through my PiYo workout and didn’t give me a headache. All of which made me fall in love with this brand! Honestly they live up to their logo ‘No Slip. No Pain. No Kidding’. Plus for each headband that is purchased you are giving 3 meals to Uganda.

After that this break felt like it went way to fast but that might be a good thing as the next thing on the list was the next workout!!



We got to workout with Chalene Johnson. It was supposed to be Tony Horton but due to a death in his family, we actually signed a card for him and his family. Which I thought was a really nice gesture through SweatPink and all of us.


This was an amazing workout! In fact it was what made me sore for the next 2 days. But it was so worth it. You get extra internet love if you can find me in this workout picture!

What was even better was that I got this



Ignoring the crazy hair (hey I just worked out ^_^) Chalene was so nice to pose with me for a selfie. This might be my favorite Selfie ever!!

After this amazing and sweaty workout it was time for SweatPink Happy Hour!



I got to meet and HUG Jared the Subway Man. He is sooo tall and nice. Didn’t mind the fact that I just got out of PiYo at all!



I also got to meet up with and talk to Debbie from Live From La Quintas! It was so nice to talk to another So Cal blogger and yes I am actually standing on my tippy toes for this picture. Debbie was so nice and friendly!



Um this guy is a celebrity all by himself! Pavement Runner was basically one of the 5ish guys running around on BlogFest and someone that I have bene following on twitter / blog world forever! Did I mention that he has a wicked sense of humor and wonderful! Well he is. Honestly if I could have met just him I would have gone home happy!



Kelli Davis is one of the main geniuses behind Idea World and bring together FitApproach as well. She is super nice and almost gave me a heart attack when she called out my name. I was shocked…this women knows me?!? What What? But it was so amazing just talking with her and letting her know how much this conference means to all of us.

So that was basically all of Day 1. I shall be bring Day 2 and Day 3 to you guys soon!! At the end there may or may not be (actually will but I just want to tease you all) a giveaway!

Did you go to BlogFest? If you didn’t did you ever go to a fitness convention? Are you going to try to make BlogFest next year?



Guest Post – You can do that race!

Hey NeverEver’s!!

Its Saturday and I am treating you to another Guest Poster! But before I introduce you to her (she is AMAZEBALLS BTW) let me show you what is going on over at #BlogFest



If you can find me in the group photo with FitApproach and Chalene Johnson.



It was all about working out, taking pictures and just meeting awesome people. If you aren’t already following these people you need to! From left top to bottom right

Terressa From Achieving Fit

Libby (Mia Cupcake) From Bruises in the Frosting (Derby Chick!!!)

Melissa – Melissa Running It

Jess – Jess’ness Required



I also got to met with Jared the Subway Guy. He was so tall and just very nice!

Okay so that is all the pics I am sharing with you guys today. Don’t forget to follow me HereHere and Here. Cause you will get all the up to the minute #blogfest information ^_^


Now let me introduce to the Steph, who is our Guest Blogger today. Steph is from OrangeSpoken and she is a actually one of the first bloggers I ever made friends with. She is just so bubbly and so outstanding! Sadly she is over in Florida and I am here in Cali. Sooo far away from each other. If I can say one thing about Steph is that you HAVE to try her recipes! They are gluten free and just yummy tasting!

So without further introduction I give you – Steph!


I don’t know what initially inspired me to sign up for my first 5k, but I wanted to give others an opportunity to be inspired to sign up for their own. I know there are people out there who are/were once like me: an athlete stuck inside the body of a non-athlete. I know there are people out there who feel like they “can’t” because they’re scared that other people will laugh or scowl at them, making them feel out of place or unwelcome. They feel that they “can’t” because it will be hard, or painful, or that they will get injured. They feel that they “can’t” because they’ll give up when failures arise (and they will).

Well I’m here to tell you that you CAN
Before you start working towards an athletic goal like completing your first 5k race, you’ve got to get your head in the right mindset:

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1. Me vs. old meI have been blessed to have found a sport where participants, spectators and volunteers are on YOUR side. Races, no matter what size, are filled with positive, encouraging, and motivating participants that WANT you to succeed. You see, the thing with runners is that when they see another runner (no matter how slow) they instantly become proud just because another runner was born. Being a runner isn’t defined by how far you can go, how long you’ve been doing it, or how many times you have to stop to walk or take a break in between miles (which, by the way, is perfectly ok). The first time you run, you’re a runner. You don’t know how often I have shuffled passed a seasoned runner- huffing, puffing, out of breath and sweating so much you would have thought I had just stepped out of a pool- and heard phrases like “looking good, keep it up”. Believe me. There are NO feelings of sarcasm, jealously or negativity towards newbies. Everyone is welcome and that simple mentality has given me courage and will continue to give me courage to try longer distances, different races and challenge myself because, after all, we’re all in a race against no one other than our past selves.

images (1)

Etsy Link

2. Know your bodyMany new runners envision The Boston Marathon when they begin toiling with the idea of running a race. I know, because I did that when I got into triathlons. I pictured Kona Ironman in my head, completely oblivious to the fact that triathlons came in a variety of distances and ability levels. Believe me when I say I’m SO glad I didn’t give up prior becoming educated on all things tri. Let’s get one thing squared away first: a 5k is not the same as a marathon. So when you begin training for your first 5k, refer to it just as that: a 5k. Let’s look at some common race distances and their mile equivalents.

5k= 3.1miles
10k= 6.2 miles
15k= 9.3 miles
½ marathon= 13.1 miles
Marathon= 26.2 miles

If you can go back to your high school days, you’ll remember having to do the “mile test” at PE. Picture a typical high school track. 4 times around that track = 1 mile. So to complete a 5k using a track would equal 12 times around, just to put things into perspective. Now, back to talking about your body. At about 325lbs I completed my first 5k. I jogged (slowly) the entire thing with no injury. I knew my body, I knew what it was capable of, and I knew which distance was best for me at the time. Before you start training for a race of any distance, make sure you’ve had an honest conversation with your doctor, and pay attention to any changes (especially pain) you start to feel as you begin to train.There’s a difference between muscle aches and injury pain. Start listening to your body ASAP.

3. It’s all in the footwear. It doesn’t matter if you weigh 100lbs or 500lbs; if you’re 80 years old or 20; if you’ve been running 25 years or a week. If you don’t invest in a good (and I mean really good) pair of walking or running shoes, you will not be successful. I know this sounds brutal, but I speak from experience. When I first began running, I was working out in a pair of sneakers from Target. I hated running. It wasn’t enjoyable. It was painful. It was tiring. I blamed it on my weight. My second pair of running shoes was a pair of Nikes from the clearance section of Sports Authority. I still hated running. My third pair was another pair of Nikes, but this time from a sale rack. Running was getting a bit more enjoyable, but I was still having issues. Three years (and 6 pairs of shoes) later, after multiple suggestions from friends and training partners, I decided it was time for me to get a proper shoe fitting and invest in a pair of shoes that are appropriate for the shape of my foot, my gait (the way I step on the ground as I run), and ability level. If you have never visited a running store like Feet First or Fit 2 Run, make a plan to go there for a fitting and analysis and let them suggest a shoe for you. They will even help you find something in your price range! My Asics Cumulus running shoes are the best thing that’s ever happened to me, and I’m a better runner because of them.

download (1)

4. H20. Water. Water. and More water. If you’re going to be training you’ve got to start a solid 8-10 8oz glasses of water (at least) a day rule. It’s going to take time, at first, for your bladder and body to adjust if you’re currently not a regular water drinker, so keep in mind that if you decide to start the day of your first walk or run training, you’d better make sure there is a bathroom (or port-a-potty) nearby!


5. Register for a race. If you’re going to make a commitment to completing a 5k race, then it starts with actually choosing and signing up for one. The training part you go through after registration is nowhere near as difficult as actually registering for a race is. There are SO many races to choose from, leaving you wondering what’s going to best for a beginner (most 5k races ARE beginner friendly!), and many times just merely looking through the organizer’s website at course maps, feedback from past racers, even race photos can be enough to put you in freak out mode, leaving your registration unfinished. The best advice I can give? Ask around. I’m a firm believer in NOT doing your first (any distance) race alone, as I feel that the inspiration, motivation and camaraderie you get from training and race partners provide you with the mental and moral support that many first time racers need. Join a running club for beginners like this one, ask neighbors, friends or family members if they’ve ever done a race and see if they’d be willing to partner up with you. Ask co-workers and community members about the best local 5ks and what they suggest. Word of mouth is a great tool for not only picking a race, but finding people who will cheer, support and help train with you all along the way. And if need be, have someone physically sitting there next to you as you sign up for your first race. They’ll be there to help you remember your name when your mind goes blank, and pick your credit card off the floor when you “accidentally drop it”.

I hope this post has inspired at least one of you to set a race goal and start a chapter in your life that I promise you won’t regret.


Guest Post – Healthy Tips for a Busy Life

Hey NeverEver’s!


Still rocking it out over at #blogfest. I hope you are totally following me Here, Here and Here. Cause if you aren’t and you aren’t here at #blogfest you are totally missing out on some awesome times!


But honestly, I am extremely lucky to have amazing blog friends who just happen to live all the way across the country so they couldn’t make it to Anaheim this year. However, they are here for me and you to give you some awesome Guest Posts!




Today’s post is all about Healthy Tips and it is from a wonderful Florida Woman.

Can you all welcome Nanci from This Crazy Life of Mine! She is training her FIRST marathon, a wonderful aunt and she has the cutest Aussies that I have ever seen. I am personally partial to Blue.

You can also find her on -





Healthy tips for a busy life!

Thank you to Alicia for letting me guest post on her blog today! Since we are both busy girls, I thought I would share some healthy tips for a busy life. I am a wife, a dog-mom to two crazy Australian Shepherds, I am self-employed, I follow Weight Watchers, and I’m training for my first full marathon. I have A LOT going on. This is what works for me when life is busy:

Meal Planning


Whenever possible, I grocery shop on Saturday or Sunday with a plan for the week ahead. We eat a lot of chicken in our house and I buy it when it’s on sale and freeze single pieces in sandwich bags. That way I only take out what I need depending on what we’re having, and if it’s just me or both of us. I also love to make dinner recipes that create leftovers for lunch. There are many ingredients you can keep on hand that will make for easy, multi-meal recipes at any given time.


When I buy fruit, I wash and dry it and divide it into portions so they are easy to take and go. If it’s easy to take and eat, you will be more likely to eat that then something else like chips. This is a great tool that I learned in Weight Watchers.


Set a schedule to be active I do much better with working out when I have a plan in place. For my marathon training, I have an 18 week plan I’m following and it’s in my calendar. While the days may vary depending on weather or life getting in the way, I know what I’m supposed to run and when I’m supposed to run. Plan for being active like you would any other appointments and you will be more likely to stick to it.

Water, water, water…

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Hydration is very important, especially in the hot summer months. It’s also important for weight loss and it will keep you feeling full. I always have water with me and aim for drinking at least 64 oz. a day.

Don’t deprive yourself.

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This is a big one for me. If you tell me I can’t have something, I want it. I allow myself to have foods that I love in moderation. I will save points for it or use extra earned activity points for it. Most importantly, when you find something that works for you, stick to it!