Workouts and Winners

Hey NeverEver’s,

Can you believe that tomorrow is April 1st? I mean besides the fact that it is April Fool’s day but it also means that we are now 4 months into the year. It doesn’t seem possible to me, but it is happening so there is nothing to gainsay it.

However, this month has been a roller coaster. I have been to a St. Patricks Day Parade with my Derby Team, been to more Derby Practices then ever, Swore off soda again (and so far sticking to it) and I have been training for the Spartan Super (almost here) with FXP Fitness Hula Hoop.

But on the down side, I have also had extremely lazy weeks, can’t seem to keep things going once I started (except soda) and there has been moments of ‘down-ness’.

I refuse to dwell on the bad though, because life is passing me by if I keep doing so.

But before I go let me give you an update on my weight! I maintained and I am not upset

So first things first, I would like to introduce you guys to my first ever created workout with FXP Fitness Hula Hoop. Now you can use any Hula Hoop BUT I love FXP and you do get workout DVD’s with it so its a great deal ^_~. Not to mention that you can actually get 10% off using my code

But that is totally off subject. I created my own workout and OMG it got me sore! I love it. And I hope you will all love it as well

What do you guys think? That took me completely out of my comfort zone but I am so happy I did it. I do have to give a huge THANK YOU to the hubby who took the photos and wouldn’t let me throw my computer away when it just would move the way I wanted it to do. He really is awesome ^_^. I am doing this workout myself during lunch time or whenever I have a few mins to myself.

It may be nothing but I am seeing my legs a little more toned. Of course that might be all in my head but I bet we will see on the 18th when I do the Super!

On to the next subject! Winners!! I have already contacted the winners of the MealEnder samples but I wanted to give them a shout out here.

Congrats to:

Cheryl & Denise!! I will get your samples out to the post office this week! Thank you so much for entering my giveaway!

As I mentioned this month was up and down. But it was more up then down and I am taking that into this next month! Lets rock April!!


MealEnders + Giveaway!

Hey NeverEver’s,

I have had an awesome weekend. It was the Hubby’s and my 5th anniversary. I seriously can’t believe that I have been married to this man for 5 years and have known him for 8. Doesn’t seem like that long on some days and other days I feel like I have known him forever.



For this years anniversary trip (we decided long ago that every anniversary we should go to a place we have never been to before) we went to the San Diego Safari Park and then had dinner over at the Stone Brewery. It was wonderful hearing a lion roar, staring into a tigers eyes and of course drinking new beer that the Hubby and I have never tried before.

I have to say I enjoyed the Safari park a TON more then any other ‘zoo’ that I have ever been to. It really allowed the animals a freer movement that just can’t be given in a normal zoo. They were also very serious about conservation projects and looked like they had a decent plan for the current drought that California is currently in right now.

However, regardless how much I want to go on and on…and on about my anniversary trip, and relive it as many times as possible, that is not what this post is about. This post is about MealEnders and a Giveaway!


Now if you have been following me on Instagram (and if you aren’t why not), you have seen me do a few photos of MealEnders and my thoughts on them. I tried them out a little skeptical but game to try.

Their logo is that ‘Over Eating is Over’. Doesn’t that sound awesome? And I will admit I was curious. How could a little thingy make my ‘over eating’ go away? I mean I have tried shakeology, and while I was satisfied that it filled me up as it should, I don’t always drink or make it as I should. So how could these help?

Well let me explain what MealEnders is and how it works.

Basically, the people over at MealEnders decided that people don’t always carry around shake packages with them but cravings still happen. And if you are like me, and others of the population, you crave sweet things. And when that craving happens, well its hard to walk away from right? So why not create a ‘tool’ that will not only give you a taste of that sweetness you wanted (or tart or coffee) but then also gives your taste buds a tingle sensation to distract them from you eating more of said craving? Well that is what they did.


See MealEnders has 4 flavors Chocolate Mint, Cinnamon, Citrus and Mocha, and the first layer of those MealEnders is that flavor. Giving you are burst of dessert feeling you were craving. This is called the ‘Reward Layer’ and then once that has all melted in your mouth (don’t worry it doesn’t go away that fast), then you are given the tingling cool on your tongue that reaches in and actives the ‘Trigeminal Nerve’ which distracts your mind from the urge for the craving or over eating.

There is actually more science behind that which you can read here on the MealEnder‘s website. Which is a really nice read that gives you information in not only why you want to over eat (Your body fills up faster then your Brain can catch on) but also that what is IN a MealEnder.  I can tell you that it is Gluten Free, Kosher, No Drugs, No Herbs and No High Fructose Corn Syrup.

But what you really want to know. Does it work? Can it work for me? What did it do for me? What do they taste like?



And these are the questions that I can give you. Because I have yet to not give you guys the honest truth about myself and how I felt about a product.

I was given this product to try out, write a review, and host a giveaway from my Ambassadorship SweatPink. When I read their website and that they wanted people to try, I wanted to do it. And why not? If it is going to help with my cravings, and I needed help, it will be a perfect partnership. However, like most people, I was a little skeptical. Seemed a little too easy. Just take one of this like candy like things, suck on it (no biting) until it was done and my craving goes away? But it is true.

Yes you read that right. These MealEnders DO take away the cravings. And how do they do that? Well its all part of their devious plan to ruin cravings. First you take the MealEnder out of the bag, pop the flavor you want in your mouth and you are given a burst of sweet. After that sweet is gone then you are left with some tongue tingling that distracts you from whatever you were thinking. In my cases I have used MealEnders to steer clear of Starbucks, Cupcakes, Brownies, Extra slice of Pizza, and even a beer.

Now can this work for you? Yes I believe it can. BUT, only if you give it a chance. What I did was grab 2 of each flavor and put it in my purse. On my way to work when I wanted that Grande Flavored coffee, I would instead bring out a Mocha MealEnder. When it was Friday and the Farmer Market was at my work and I really wanted that brownie, I would instead bring out the Chocolate Mint (yes I know not the exact same flavor but it was chocolate and it settled the need). But it isn’t going to work, it isn’t going to help if you don’t open up the package and put it in your mouth. That is just the honest truth…and goodness knows I know how easier it is just to give in. But you don’t have to!

What did it do for me? Well I am finding myself thinking about if I really wanted that treat or just a little more of that entree. If I am full but still really wanting it, I grab a MealEnder. If I am not full then I allow myself what I was thinking about. I am seeing that after a month of using MealEnders, I am not that quick on reaching for that dessert. And that in itself is a victory.

Taste like? Well to be honest I was hesitant. What would these things taste like? I figured that the Mocha and Chocolate Mint I was pretty much safe with. I mean, these flavors have been done so many times before in other things that it is a little hard to mess these up? Well I was right on that one. They taste pretty darn good. But it was the Cinnamon that worried me the most. I was thinking it would be that powerful cinnamon flavor. The one that just knocks you over. But I was pleasantly surprised that it was GOOD! In fact it is one of my favorite flavors over them all. I like the Citrus one when I am craving salty. Not sure why but it really does take those cravings away.

So are you ready to try MealEnders on your own?  Well its a good thing that I am hosting a Giveaway then ^_^. I wanted to really give more then just 1 person to try them so I am giving away 2 sets of each flavor. That means there will be 2 winners on this giveaway and 1 of them could be you!!

But what if you aren’t lucky enough to win? Well MealEnders thought of that too (I wish I could take the credit on this one but I can’t). So they are giving ALL of ‘runners up’ will be able to buy MealEnders at 30% off! Just use the coupon code WINNDER-TOO at the checkout. 

Okay ready for that Giveaway? Well here it is, good luck one and all!! Lets kick cravings butt!


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Motivational Thursday

Hey NeverEver’s,


Wanna see something that I am stupidly proud of? Like seriously I think this is the best photo ever and it was only taken last night.


So the Hubby thinks I look ‘Lost’. I personally think I look like I am listening to or looking at something…I really don’t know when this photo was taken last night during practice. But I love it regardless! It has a full body with my skates. Squee!!

Anyways, I am quite happy with myself, I mean besides the fact that I have now gone to derby practice 2 nights in a row and making every concentrated effort to make it every week. But I just did a sub 16 min mile. Yes I was still doing some walking with running involved. But it was still under 16 mins! In fact it was almost under 15!! So close!!


You guys can say that I am feeling pretty good for this week. Things have been crazy busy at work, one of us is on vacation and you all know what that means for the remaining people behind (like triple the work load) but I have still made sure that I was doing my runs during my lunch on my Derby days and after work on my non derby days.

But this Motivational Thursday isn’t just for me. Its for everyone. So lets all grab some motivation and continue our #runstreaks or #healthyeating for the weekend. Which is when it is easier to slide.








Okay NeverEver’s, lets work hard this weekend and lets not give up the ground that we made this week! This is especially going to be hard for me…cause its the Hubby’s and my anniversary this Friday and he is taking me somewhere this weekend. So the goals especially include no soda, physical activity, and do at least 1 mile every day!

Have a happy weekend!!