Motivational Thursday

Hey NeverEver’s,

Its Thursday and this has been an extremely interesting Thursday. I got to meet Aarti Seqeira! She is so nice and friendly, I was honored to be invited to see her shot an episode on her new show with OwnZones. Its called 10 Minute Meals, and while it is still in the ‘works’ it will be out soon! I can’t wait to share everything with you guys, I am writing it up, but if you were following me on Instagram or Facebook, you got to see a few sneak peaks!! If you aren’t following me…well you should be!!

Anyways, while I am getting that ready lets get some Motivational Thursday!!

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Okay NeveEver’s, it is time for this weekend! Have a wonderful one.


Flatout Flatbread is Flatout Delicious

Hey NeverEver’s,

I have been having WAY to much fun lately. Not sure why to be honest…I am not even doing anything that is super fun. But this week has been a ‘happy’ and ‘fun’ week. This is a great thing and I hope whatever I am doing (cause I am not sure) it continues!!

Anyways though enough about my happy week! I want to talk about food. Cause you know food is important…right!


But we all want something tasty, something healthy, something kosher. That is a long list of things that we want and sometimes we don’t get it. We settle. I know there has been a TON of times when I wasn’t able to get something ‘fast’ that was healthy I went with that something that was ‘fast’ and not at all in the healthy range ((see belly ^_~)). But what if there was a healthy and ‘fast’ option out there? Something that tasted good and that in turn was good for you?

Let me introduce you to


Flatout was created by a restaurant owner that in her own restaurant she made Flatbread. After finding that she had something special it was decided to get a plant and to actually make it for the general public! Now of course I made the story and timeline seem easy. Nothing is ever that easy when making THAT many changes. But the end result is what really matters. The delicious flatbread from flatout!

So why am I saying its delicious? Why do I really want to replace all bread in my house and the tortillas that my Mother in Law cooks with everyday (yes…everyday)? Because it is that good.

Let me show you what I have been able to make with Flatout and its NEWEST flatbread…Protein! It is coming in 3 different flavors and has 12g to 15g of protein, try matching that! Plus its made with beans not protein isolates (in layman terms that means it tastes great and not like powered protein!!)

So what are the flavors? Well there was the Sea Salt & Crushed Black Pepper


Breakfast! I made this on Sunday. Just has eggs, cheese and ham all wrapped in the great tasting Sea Salt & Crushed Black Pepper. I usually add pepper to my eggs so it was a perfect mixture. It was also Hubby approved I might add.

Then there is the Core 12, which is Flatouts original recipe made with chickpeas!


Now I had the Core 12 twice! The first was at the Flatout Breakfast that myself and a few other FitFluential Ambassadors were invited to. We were given breakfast and had a lively discussion about what Flatout Flatbread was, how it started and where it really wanted to go (taking over the bread world of course^_^).  Let me share with you guys their Mission Statement. Because I honestly feel that this is a company that we can all get behind!

• Mission Statement: We put the WOW in all things flatbread with our passion for taste, quality, innovation and health. The company is an entrepreneurial, passionate organization of 160+ employees, headquartered in Saline, Michigan.

They really do care about taste. Which is what I was able to taste during this breakfast. Also it blew my mind. Because as much as I love trying new things, I never heard of anyone making a ‘sweet’ wrap. It was surprising, it was tasty and it made me happy.

This sweet little wrap was made of a light dusting of cream cheese with some granola and blueberries! So simple but it kept me full until lunch…and that was with me doing 3 30 min workouts that day.

But that was THEIR ‘sweet’ wrap. Here is mine!

Now I got some Nutella for Valentines Day for me and the Hubby…but since I had it, and love it, why not use it with Flatout? No reason so I did! This has Nutella, Granola and strawberries. It tasted great and it was so easy to make! Which is HUGE thing for me. I want something simple and ‘fast’. Well this was it!

Then there was the final new flavor. The Red Pepper Hummus.


Now to be honest I didn’t have this one. I had a friend who wants to get healthy and loves spicy things! Sadly that is not me. I can’t do spicy, like at all. Makes me cry…and I don’t do tears when I don’t have to.

But this was her review of this flavor!

The pepper spice added more flavor or “zing” to my dinner. Since it consisted of mostly protein only, having 1 wrap was very filling and I didn’t feel hungry & no need for snacking.

Would this be something you would buy again? ((this is from me ^_^))

I would buy this again. I love the fact that it has so much protein in just the wrap itself!

Now let me wrap this up, yes the pun was on purpose! If you go to Flatout’s website you will see something super unique, something I haven’t seen before. They have not only their own professional recipes up on their site, but blogger recipes! Here you get the best of both worlds and even find out new ways to cook your old favorites with Flatout.

It was a honest pleasure working with FitFluential and Flatout Flatbread. It was also delicious. Mainly delicious to be honest ^_^. This is something that I will buy again, in fact I already found some of their other flavors over at Target! Like the Italian Herb, Soft 100% Whole Wheat, Multi-Grain w/ Flax, Rosemary & Olive Oil and of course re-finding (when it comes out) the new Protein flatbread!

Okay NeverEver’s, have you ever had a ‘sweet’ wrap before? If you haven’t…did it blow your mind like me? Have you tried Flatout before? If you have which is your favorite flavor? Anyways from FitFluential and Flatout Flatbread here is all of us!


This post is sponsored by FitFluential on behalf of Flatout.


LA Fit Expo + Evolution Fitness = Awesome

Hey NeverEver’s,

This week has been crazy. Felt like as soon as I got a little ahead I got bogged down again. But finally the weekend came, and with it my poor treacherous cat decided to trip me. Nothing broken (although I am sure that was his purpose) but just a little swollen. So because of that the Hubby and I have stayed at home this weekend. However, that didn’t mean that Valentines Day wasn’t fun!! Hubby made some burgers, we got some wine and we played a few games. It was one of the best Valentines I have had.

Which of course I hope yours was just as relaxing and fun!

I wanted to show you guys all what happened last weekend at the Fit Expo and Evolution Fitness Conference. Plus explain why having these 2 different yet similar cons at the same time is a Fitness Lovers best dream come true!


On Saturday and Sunday of last week I went to the Los Angeles Fit Expo and Evolution Fitness Con (which I am sure if you are following my Instagram I am sure you already knew that ^_~). Of course I wasn’t alone in going, I was part of the FitFluential group that was invited to this event, plus I had the hubby ^_^. The atmosphere when you first walk into the expo is just electrifying. The energy is all around, and just walking in you get excited. Now I have been to this convention center a TON of times before, and I will be going back again a TON of times in the future I am sure (what with Anime Expo here from now on). But there is NOTHING quite like walking into the Fit Expo.


Of course once we all got together and situated we had to take a group photo! Just look at all of us FitFluential people!! It was a group of amazing energy and just friendly faces all around. I sadly was not able to get everyone, but here are the ones I do have ^_^

Take it from me…you NEED to be following these people if you aren’t already!!

Anyways, after we were taken to the VIP room, it was AWESOME, we were given a tour of the FitExpo itself BEFORE it opened. I have to tell you that was an experiencing all on its own. Being able to see where everything was and get a feeling of the whole expo.


Don’t we all look so awesome just milling about and being bloggers? So many photos were taken, tweets sent, instagram selfies done and I am sure so many other things with all of us.


Of course one of the best things about going into the expo early…you get to see things and booths before anyone else. So of course I had to find my favorite ones!! The Pound Girls, the Piloxing, and Tito Ortiz’s Punishment Athletic Clothing.

20150207_085258 Laura, Tenecia and I had to pose in front of the FlatOut Bread. Which I have found out that I love! Honestly my mind has been blown by what can be put into a wrap and how delicious it is!! Plus healthy, lets not forget healthy of course. Cause it is.



Not to mention all the goodies! I almost died when I came to this table after the expo opened! And to think my favorite flavor, the White Chocolate, was sold out. How funny ^_^. But the Peanut Butter Company was a great booth! Plus they really didn’t mind when I asked for samples of every flavor.

Then of course after we walked around, it was time for the Expo to open and for me to get to my first workout class! Which is where the Evolution Fitness Conference comes into play with the Fit Expo.

See the FitExpo gives Fitness / Health companies a chance to meet their consumers. It gives the consumers a chance to get some freebies (always awesome) and try out each product. Find the right match for them. And that is only dealing with the booths. The Fit Expo also has competitions, challenges and events that involve anything between BobdyBuilding (ooohhh those muscles), CrossFit like games, Martial Arts and Parkour. There is something for everyone. BUT that is just the Fit Expo side and doesn’t include the Evolution Fitness Con side. And the joining of these two unique events have created something awesome.

The EFC is for the ones that have ever thought about being an instructor, the ones that wanted to try out a class with the ACTUAL instructor that creates the class. It gives a chance to find your perfect fit. Either as an instructor or a person who wants to workout. Not to mention that if you have EVER thought about becoming an instructor this is really the place to start. Here is why I think that

  • You get to learn from the Instructor
  • The class sizes are not huge. You really do get one on one experiences
  • Expo discounts…honestly they are HUGE
  • On the first day, before you commit to one (or more), you get to try several different classes
  • Did I mention NASM credits



One of the classes I decided to take this year was Viceca Jensen’s Piloxing. They came up with a new boxing workout, but I wanted to go to the original. Man was that workout a good one! By the time one of my body parts was getting tired, we switched and used something different. The tempo, the timing and the moves were not overly complicated. It was a fun, and good workout.

However, the best part was probably that I got to meet Viveca Jensen the creator of Piloxing! Last year I tried the new Jillian Michaels BODYSHRED and David Weck new Weck Method! It was a great place to try everything I wanted to do.

However, these classes and instructor and not everything that EFC offers. Within the FitExpo they give even more classes and even more opportunity to try out a workout. Like what I did AFTER my Piloxing class


I got to workout with THE Billy Blanks!! I remember TaeBo and have always wanted to try it. I had a chance to try it with the actual creator, and even was able to get a few punches in with him! How cool is that?


Not to mention the Pound Girls…or their super unique workout. I mean who ever would have thought that drum sticks was a good workout tool? Okay maybe the people who actually play the drums…cause that is a workout. But for the ones not so musically inclined, let me tell you…this was a HARD workout. I believe I almost died in that 30 min workout.


However, even with me almost dying the workout was a LOT of fun. Plus I know I burned those calories.


There was even Brett Hoebel and his workout the 20 minute body. Sadly I missed this workout however, from what I saw of it…it was a good workout that did every body part within that 20 mins.

Every part of the Fit Expo and EFC for both Saturday and Sunday was fun, unique, and a DAMN GOOD WORKOUT! I went last year, I was able to go again this year and I will be going again next year.

Okay NeverEvers, have you gone to a Fit Expo or EFC before?