Motivational Thursday

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Hey NeverEver’s,


Its Thursday!! And I need my motivation. Seriously I am now finally feeling like myself, the FLU is gone, and it is time to get back to running. I got my half coming up…in 2 weekends.

So lets get this Thursday Motivational Party started!!





download (2)








Okay NeverEver’s, I will see you this weekend! My #BlogFest review coming up.

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Top 5 Ways to Change Your Habits

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Hey NeverEver’s,

Well I hope you all know that I just finished going to BlogFest / IdeaWorld and it was amazing. At least the sessions that I was able to get to before work and sickness got me. But this post isn’t about BlogFest. I haven’t figured out my review for it yet but it shall be happening soon. Today I wanted to talk about the top 5 ways to change your ‘bad’ habit and how to discover that bad habit! Because we all have things we want to work on right!!


Habit – : a usual way of behaving : something that a person does often in a regular and repeated way

Seriously it is all about habit when find yourself reaching for that Oreo Cookie Shake vs that apple or whatever your weakness is. Or when at dinner ordering your ‘usual’ meal instead of a healthier alternative. Now why do we have habits and more importantly HOW do we change it? Because the honest truth is that habits govern your life. In someway its good. Gets us through the day and through those endless conference calls, e–mails and daily to-do’s. How many of us fold laundry by habit without even thinking about it? So habits aren’t all bad. But when the habit IS bad well that is when it needs to change.

So how do we get rid of those self destructive habits?

  • Choose a substitute for that habit you want to change. Planning ahead will be living saving…or habit changing as the case maybe. What triggers your bad habit. For me its sweets and stress. Any sweets, except chocolate (I was allergic to dark chocolate as a kid and never developed the taste for it) are always up for grabs with me. So I can plan ahead and keep myself full. On stress I have a tendency to want to have a beer. Seriously nothing tells me that the day and the stress has ended by having a pint. But now while that is okay every once in a while…it has its whole other level of a bad habit. So when stress hits I am get some lavender lotion  / spray to calm down and after work instead of heading to a restaurant (that will include bad food choices as well as beer) I am working on breathing deeply and heading to my planned workout. My endorphin’s are the same (actually better with a workout) and the effects of working out is so much better. But the idea is that YOU have to pick a substitute that will work. You may not find it the first time, don’t get upset and just try to find another one.


  • Join Forces / Surround yourself with like minded people. I’ll be honest with you guys. Everytime I have EVER looked up a ‘self help’ something it always says ‘find like minded people’ and I always say ‘well duh’. Because it makes sense. You don’t want to stay with people who go smoking when you are trying to quit. Or whatever habit you (and me) are trying to change. So lets find those friends who are doing what you want to do. Or what if you don’t have any? Because I know how that feels. Small family…healthy living not exactly a high priority for them. What then? Well I will be your friend. Or if you need more then that (and I don’t blame you…I have to sleep sometime) check out a few of these links
  1. SweatPink Community 
  2. GirlsGoneSporty Community
  3. Fit is Not a Size – FB Community

But seriously. You need a friend, I am here for you.


  • Visualize yourself succeeding. I love this one. I always enjoy doing some daydreaming…so why not use my daydreaming ways for the power of good? But seriously every time we feel a temptation coming on, lets starting dreaming about how it would feel if we DIDN’T give into it and changed our habit. Would we lose weight? Would we stop smoking? Would we have pretty nails? Would we get more done in a day? Now how did it make us feel when we pictured that moment? When I do this sometimes it feels impossible and I crave that habit even more. But that leads us into


  • Plan for failure. We all FAIL. That is why we all have things we want to work on. But we raise up. We try again and again…and again at times. So don’t beat yourself up. Don’t turn one bad day into a bad week. We all have the ability to turn a failure into a success, we just can’t give up. So repeat after me…I AM HUMAN…THERE IS OVER 2 BILLION OF US. I WILL MAKE MISTAKES BUT I WILL PICK MYSELF UP AND TRY AGAIN!


  • Get the word ‘BUT’ back in your life. Seriously you need to start saying ‘but’ a TON more when you are changing your habits. Let me give you some examples
  1. I skipped my workout again and I feel fat BUT, I could be in (back) shape in a few months. I just need keep at this one day at a time
  2. I am a failure BUT I am getting back up again and that is why I deserve to succeed.

See how the word ‘but’ can be powerful? You are admitting to yourself that you failed BUT you are letting yourself know that it isn’t going stop you next time. That you haven’t given up on yourself and your goals.

So now we have some steps on how to change a bad habit. But how do we discover our bad habits? Okay okay, some bad habits are super easy to discover but what is creating those bad habits? That isn’t always so easy. So lets take a look at my own bad habits and see what we can find.

Self Searching. That is where it all starts. Asking yourself the hard questions

  1. What are the habits you want changed
  2. What is causing these habits

For me its Stress. When I am stressed all my bad habits come out and play. I want to eat all the sweets, I want to go out drinking. I want to sleep all day long. When I am stressed that little voice in the my head that says ‘You really shouldn’t be doing this’ or ‘Hey you have that workout planned…REMEMBER’ doesn’t really sound all that loud.

So I am taking my top 5 above and I am putting it in play.

Okay NeverEver’s, how do you feel about your habits? You ready to get a few changes in your life? Well you can do it!

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Motivational Thursday – BlogFest Edition

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Hey NeverEver;s,

It is Thursday and the first day of FitApproach (#SweatPink) and Idea World come together to create BlogFest. It is a magical time, where pro’s impart wisdom, wifi is free, workouts constant and selfies are necessary to our livelihood (or hobby). This is my 2nd year coming to this magical land and just like last year I am blown away by how much the people I follow are really real.

No seriously. They are really real. And to explain what I mean I am dedicating this Motivational Thursday, the first one in a while, to the people who motivated me today. I do expect you all to check them out of course. Cause they wouldn’t have my seal of approval if they sucked ^_~.

Lets start with the big guns

Jill Conyers from Jillconyers.com


This mom of 2 is dynamite. Seriously. If you are new to the Health and Fitness blogging universe she is a super star. If you aren’t new, well there is a REALLY good chance that you have run into her programs. Like 12in2012, 13in2013, 14in2014 and her newest (also co-hosted by my next motivational) RunThisYear. And as awesome is all of this that she does nothing EVER compares to how she is in person.

The nicest person ever. Always has a kind word for you and has a great memory. When I first met her I really didn’t think she would remember me. But time after time she has proven me wrong. I personally link her to being the Bob Harper of niceness.

Next is Jill’s partner in RunThisYear

Tiffany ‘Coach’ Henness from Thoroughly Thriving

download (1)

This newly moved to Oregon (she was in Cali and left me so this is a black mark on her record) is amazing. She has gone through quite a few changes recently, one of them is the aforementioned move. But she has come out stronger then ever. If you are in the state of Oregon you need to look her up. She runs these running groups and has one of the cutest puppies I have ever seen on instagram! Seriously Moxie is adorable.

But I first met Tiffany on a Lorna Jane Blog Event and I don’t remember a time when she wasn’t part of my online life. Her runs and the fact that she is changing her life to more of a ‘coach’ is very motivational. Especially since I met her before all the changes.

Third is

Lea from Running with Ollie


Ollie was my surprise, and I really shouldn’t have been. I have been following her blog and instagram for a while. But last night we meet up and started talking about the Star Wars Rebel Challenge and how her man wanted to do it. Which of course led to the conversation of me not finishing it and she said ‘Yes I remember reading that, but I wanted to tell you that you were strong to do as much as you did and I was happy to know you didn’t give up running after that’. I was floored.

And finally (for this post) is

Melissa Burton from Valentine RD


Newly moved to the West Coast from the East she is a Duran Duran MEGA fan and a Registered Dietitian. Her blog is full of food, workouts, healthy swaps and of course Duran Duran. But we don’t hold that against her at all. She has shown that there is science in the kitchen and when it all comes together it can be magical. I honestly don’t remember when I first met Melissa, I kinda feel like she has been here since the beginning of my blogging journey.

Okay NeverEver’s here are some of the people that have inspired and motivated me. There is more but for now I am living by the motto ‘Less is More’. But don’t forget to follow them, because honestly they are all awesome and worthy of SOOOO much praise!

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