Sunday Thoughts

Hey NeverEver’s,

Its Sunday and I am finally coming down from my birthday weekend high. My friends have been amazing to me. Honestly I am so lucky to know them and they all ROCK!



It was a great Friday and so worth feeling a little dizzy on Saturday…which is why you didn’t hear from me. I was basically sleeping the whole day and watched Ghost Adventures until the wee hours in the morning. It was a really great Saturday.

However, before I get into sharing my goals for next week I would like to congratulate the winner of the FXP Fitness Hula Hoop Giveaway! So congratulations Marlo Smi. I really can’t wait to see what color and what you do with your own Hula Hoop! Don’t forget to tag me when you get it!!! 


Now though I am ready to really start concentrating on me. Making myself a priority and forcing me to remember that I am a priority. Halloween is almost here, Thanksgiving is next, Christmas is after and then New Years. That means that all the important and OMG holidays are almost here and I just want to make sure that I don’t forget myself, my exercises and eating right during this super busy (fun) time.

So this means that I am dedicating myself to

  • Making myself a PRIORITY
  • Making my workouts a PRIORITY
  • Making eating right a PRIORITY

How am I going to do this? I mean honestly, and I want to be honest here, I have made comments and posts about ‘taking control of my life’ or this time it is going to change. But only small changes or no changes were to be had. So how can I honestly say that this time is going to be different? How can I tell you, and myself, that this time it is going to be different? That this time I have the ‘need’the ‘want’ and the ‘desire’ to have a lasting change?

Honestly I can’t answer that completely. I wish I could answer that but I can’t. I can only see myself as I am right now. I am tired of putting my health second, or as an after thought. I am tired of being good at ‘healthy’ eating for 3 days and the other 4 days either forgetting or it not being as good. Or working out for a good 4 days and then not doing it the following week.

Take control of your life concept


So I am going to take it a day at a time. I am going to take it a meal at a time. I am going to take it a workout at a time. It might not be perfect. I might still fail. But I will no longer feel like I am not moving forward in my life. I will no longer feel that I am disappointing myself and all of you. Yes I am still on my journey, but it isn’t a journey if it only goes backwards.

Taking control of my life is going to be an interesting challenge. And to be, again, honest it is a scary thing. I have failed before. I have succeed before. I have made changes to my life that is still in effect today and others that I haven’t, but should have, kept up. However, it is time to let go. It is time to go forward.


Because if I don’t move on now…then when? If I don’t forgive myself for failing myself, for not succeeding then how can I ever move on?



I am ready to fly. I am ready to move on. I am ready to fully succeed.

Okay so that is a lot of heart wrenching writing that I just finished. It wasn’t easy but I had to have it written down for me and to be honest to all of you. But now that it is down in cyber space I want to share my goals for this next week and for the rest of this year.

Week Goal

  • 10 Min workout #FFFChallenge every day.
  • Juice in the morning
  • No eating out
  • Start Couch to 5k

Rest of the Month Goal

  • 10 Min workout w/ #FFFChallenge every day
  • Eating out is only 1 time a weekend
  • Finish getting ready for the Electric Run 5k (Nov 8th)

Rest of the Year Goal

  • Finish Slim in 6
  • Eating out is only 1 time a weekend
  • Finish 8 of my virtual medals (especially my 2 Christmas ones)
  • Finish this year off strong for the next year!

This is what I have been thinking about all day long. And I am going to make this happen, for myself.

Okay NeverEver’s, I am done with this post for today…which is a good thing. I am feeling pretty drained on writing this. But I did want to know…have you made any plans for the rest of the year?


Falling Forward

Hey NeverEver’s,

Its Wednesday. Now while normally that just means it is the middle of the week and we are ALMOST to Friday and that is just AWESOME!



But THIS Wednesday is a really important one. Why? Well today is the day I turn 26. I am no longer a quarter of a century. I can no longer say that I am worth a quarter of years. I milked it good most of last year. I enjoyed it. But I am now older and as with always on my birthday I am looking at the differences between last birthday and this birthday. It is a time of introspection…and I usually hate it. BUT it is necessary. Cause if you don’t look back how can you see how far you have come?

So what is different this year?

  • I joined Bad Fish Roller Derby (although I had to place it on hold due to car being in the shop and me trying to get a seasonal job)
  • I went to #BlogFest and really got back into blogging. I found myself + meet some wonderful people that are besties 4 life! (can I still say it like that at 26???)
  • I haven’t run as much this year as I did last year. (working to bring the run back!)
  • Found a job that I enjoy. A place I don’t mind spending 8 hours at. Plus the people are pretty cool too ^_^
  • Found Shakeology and really enjoy having it. Honestly I am not a breakfast person so its perfect.
  • Went through depression and have come out stronger for it.
  • Became an FXP Fitness Hula Hoop Ambassador and just LOVE it.
  • Becoming more comfortable in my own skin, with my own ideas and standing up for myself. I am who I am

While writing this out, it has some bad in it but it also has some great things in it. Things that I wouldn’t change for the world. And that means that I did something right while I was 25. I succeeded at being 25.

But I want to make my next quarter an even better quarter and that means starting 26 off strong! So I might as well Fall into it, shouldn’t I?



Yes I made a ‘fall’ joke but honestly I couldn’t resist. Anyways, this ‘Fall Fitness Challenge’ is all about movement. Moving in some way, everyday, for at least 10 minutes a day. Which doesn’t seem hard at all, but it still can be challenging when you don’t really want to move. Or those Metro Stairs got you tired that day (I think that is what happened yesterday btw). So what are my 10 minute plans? Very simple.

There are 100’s…no 1,000’s of different ways I can get my 10 minutes exercise in everyday. I am really REALLY looking forward to this challenge.

Plus, did I mention that I am working with some amazing ladies?!? That they are all doing the same challenge. Well that just makes it better for me! Please welcome my challenge sisters!


So NeverEver’s are you guys ready to commit to at least 10 minutes of activity? If you are ready to accept the challenge, be the challenge, then do YOUR 10 minutes and share it! You can tag me or one of the awesome bloggers above AND you can also hashtag it #FFFchallenge ! Join us and lets rock these 10 minutes!

Okay NeverEver’s, it is time for me to enjoy the rest of my Wednesday / Birthday with my friends and family members. I will be back with the Motivation!



Momentum Wrap and UCSF Children’s Hospital

Hey NeverEver’s,

Can you believe that it is already in the middle of October?!? Like seriously my birthday is tomorrow and I am not sure where this month has gone. But honestly I want to share something with you all. Something that has really touched me when I saw a blogger friend, Erin from Dig Deep Play HARD, post about her new motivate wrap. What really got me was what we were able to help if we got one.

Now you all know I LOVE my Momentum Wrap that I got when I was at #BlogFest! In fact there has been several times that it they have not only motivated me to workout or keep going BUT helped when I was feeling very mentally weak.

10614016_950836724931986_1492745899_n 10728815_963342863681372_1694744664_n











When reading Erin’s story and how she and her family overcome medical surgeries, basically living in the hospital, and all for a really young sweet Makenzie and Emerson.

I fell in LOVE with Makenzie and how strong she is. How she has Never Ever gave up. It always seems to me that the ones who have gone through so much in their own young life can give all of us such wisdom. I can’t help but smile when I read Erin’s stories about what Makenzie said and her own unique wisdom.

It touched me how Erin was trying to balance being the best Mom she could ever be, a runner, a wife, a trainer, and at times a nurse for her family. It seemed that life threw everything at this family and they really came out of it stronger and more together then ever. Not to say that there wasn’t their own bumps and bruises. But this is an amazing, outstanding family. You feel the love on each of the posts. You can’t help it!

If you haven’t had the chance to read about Erin and her journey to ‘Challenge the POWER of you‘, well you really need to. You will not be disappointed.

But what does this have to do with Momentum Jewelry?

Well Erin has spent so much time at UCSF Children’s Hospital. This hospital has helped both Makenzie and Emerson through their own trails that Erin came up with an idea to giveback. Which I am all for. Why not reward and help a place that helped you so much?!



Erin has created her OWN Momentum Wraps that has her very own Motivational Sayings!! Personally I LOVE the dig deep, play HARD! and I already have an order out for that one. It just speaks to me. But there is also the emPOWERed one as well. That one speaks to me by having me think of all that power I have inside that I just need to let go!



What I do love is that these are both offered as Bracelets and Foot Notes. So if you want to decorate your arms or your shoes there is an option for you! Plus don’t forget that when you get one (or more) you are helping support the kids from UCSF Children’s Hospital.

This is a limited edition so I am not certain when it will end. But I do know that it is for a good cause and a really good motivation. So it seems like a match made.

Okay NeverEver’s, thank you for taking your time reading this. It really came from my heart and wanting to help not only a fellow blogger but children in need.

Please note that I have NOT received any compensation for this post. I was NOT asked to do this post by Erin. I reached out to her to write this and I have never been more happy to share something.